1/26 Shooto - Back to Our Roots 07

Wednesday 23 January 2008

Shooto have deceided on their tour name for 2008. Normally the Japanese organizations change this every year, but this year Shooto thought "why change a good thing?" and the name has remained the same.

The first stop is Back to Our Roots 07, being held this Saturday at Korakuen Hall. The main event for this is the fight between Katsuya Toida and Hatsu Hioki. There should be some good fights, but there is no title fight this time.

Katsuya Toida 10-7-3 vs. 13-3-1 Hatsu Hioki
Atsushi Yamamoto 11-4-1 vs. 6-0-1 Masakatsu Ueda
Shinichi “BJ” Kojima 8-2-4 vs. 6-3-2 So Tazawa
Junji Ikoma 10-9-1 vs. 10-11-2 Jin Akimoto
Hayate Usui 7-6-1 vs. 3-3-0 Daisuke Ishizawa
Takuya Mori 4-2-0 vs. 3-4-0 Ayumu “Gozo” Shioda
Junji Ito 1-1-0 vs. Kazuyuki Tori
Kota Funemoto (changed his name to Aki Kota) vs. Tobizaru



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