2/11 MARS 11 - 2nd Anniversary

Friday 25 January 2008

MARS will have their first event of 2008 on February 11, this is also their 2nd anniversary. Their events always seems to have a lot of inexperienced fighters, but the quality is high and these are always good events.

Fights announced:

Parky 1-0-0 vs. 5-3-1 Hiroyuki Nozawa
Kozo Urita 5-6-1 vs. (1NC) Kim Fung

Also participating:
Che Kyu Jin
Kenichiro Shinohara 0-1-0
Yuzo Matsumoto
Fumio Ujiwara
Tomohiko Hori 4-1-2
Erika Kamimura

Blaster Bout Tournament:
Shain Su (シャイン・スー) (Korea)
Kim Yon Su (キム・ヨンス) (Korea)
Yuichiro Nagashima
K. Uonchai (K・ウォーワンチャイ) (Thailand)
Carlos Iida (Brazil)


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