3/5 Sengoku - Misaki and Gomi Receive Offers

Tuesday 8 January 2008

A press conference for "Sengoku", to be held in the first Yoyogi gymnasium on March 5th, was held by the office of the World Victory Road (WVR) of Tokyo. WVR President Naoya Kinoshita who attended at the press conference, said “By all means I want Misaki, who fought in New Year’s Yarennoka!, and Gomi who didn’t appear in the New Year’s Eve tournament to participate in “Sengoku”. Kinoshita revealed that he has given them an offer and is already negotiating.

The tournament will be directed by the executive committee of Yarennoka!, which includes the staff of the former PRIDE. As for the tournament, the card is planned to include eight or nine matches of Japanese fighters VS foreigners. Tournaments are planned for odd months and a tournament for New Year’s Eve is also being considered.


Add to that speculation that Sengoku has offered Baroni a contract and this might get interesting.



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