4/5 Cage Force 06

Thursday 17 January 2008

Cage Force have announced the first fights for this event. Both fights are in the Featherweight tournament and should be really good fights. The bantamweight tournament, no fights have been announced yet but it looks as though all the round 1 fights in this will be held in this event.

Featherweight Tournament Round 1
Antonio Carvalho 10-3-0 vs. 13-7-7 Yuji Hoshino
Adrian Pang 13-5-1 vs. 9-5-0 Armando Sanchez

Both these fights should be very good. Carvalho is by many ranked in the top 10, and he deserves to be. Hoshino is somewhat underrated in my opinion, he has not lost since 2004. This will be a very good fight, and one of these fighters will be eliminated from the tournament.

Adrian Pang and Armando Sanchez are both fighters I am not familiar with, Adrian Pang has more Japan experience, but we will have to see if that counts for anything.

This is one event I will not miss out on.

Also fighting in this event:
Daichi Fujiwara 6-1-1
Taiyo Nakahara 8-6-0
Takeya Mizugaki 8-2-2
Paul McVeigh 12-4-0



Anonymous,  18 January 2008 at 16:48  

Ah mate, i am so excited by what GCM are doing this year. I heard a few more things about this card and some they can't pull off...others they can

My boy Paul McVeigh will be fighting on this date too

It's gonna be ace.

Hopefully Hardy will return in June as well, as he can't make the April date.

Borre 18 January 2008 at 17:07  

I am very excited about this tournament, was a great success last year.

Will looking forward to seeing how Paul McVeigh matches up agianst the Japanese fighters.

Would be great to see Dan Hardy back here also.

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