1/30 Pancrase Shining Tour 1 - Pictures

Wednesday 30 January 2008

Another good night of fighting, thanks to Pancrase. This time they had 2 titles on the line (manged to confuse me as one fight was said to be a semi-final). Either way...

For me... My favorites didn't do that well...
I got in a bit late, just got there in time to watch Windy Tomomi vs. Emi Tomimatsu. Why? Cause the first to fights on the main card took all of 2 minutes... One of the fighters I really wanted to watch, Seiya Kawahara improved to 4-0. His next fight, I will be there on time! I would appreciate if he gave me more than 28 seconds though.

So, for the fights I did get to watch. Windy Tomomi was too good for Emi Tomimatsu. After the 2nd round of punishment Emi Tomimatsu could not continue. From what I could see, this was due to a kick to the stomach region while she was on the ground. She was carried out on a streacher, and I hope she recovers quickly.

The fight between Daisuke Hanazawa13 and Wataru Takahashi was sloppy and a deserved draw.

Killer Bee fighter Yuichi Ikari (my favorite before the fight) was lucky to get away with a draw in his fight against Shinsuke Shoji. Ikari was eating knees the whole fight, but put in a good finish. His face was swollen and the fight was stopped several times for the doctor to check his cuts.

Then for the 3 highlight fights.

Gadzhiev Alavutdin came out swinging and quickly sent his opponent Yuji Hisamatsu and his army men in pink tights back to the locker room. (picture was take the 2 seconds Hisamatsu seemed to have control)

Artur Oumakhanov was a huge favorite in my eyes to take the Pancrase Lightwegiht title. Through round 1 it all seemed to go to plan, he had control of the fight and won the round. When the second round started, I expected it to continue in the same pattern.

2nd round started and Shoji seemed to throw a high kick, more to feel his opponent out, but it was a perfect hit (you can see where Artur's guard is). I happened to take a picture just as the same time... I missed most of what happened, but got a picture to prove I was there. KO victory to Shoji.

The main event, I was hoping that Kitaoka would prove his potential. He is a very good fighter, but Inoue was very strong in defending. Kitaoka had Shinya Aoki shouting advice, but it didn't help. Towards the end of the fight Kitaoka became predictable in his attack and Inoue easily defended.


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