11/28 Pancrase Rising Tour

Saturday 10 November 2007

I have been falling behind on some of the cards last few weeks, so its time to update some of the cards that have been announced.

Pancrase will hold their last event in Korakuen Hall for this year (then next event for the year is held in Differ Ariake).

Main event: Middle weight King of Pancrase
Yuichi Nakanishi 6-6-3 vs 22-9-6 Izuru Takeuchi 

Daiki Hata “DJ.taiki” 7-4-2 vs 9-0-0 Marlon Sandro
Eriya Matsuda 6-4-0 vs 7-0-0 Hacran Dias
Mitsuhisa Sunabe 8-5-3 vs 4-4-2 Michihisa Asano
Tatsuya Mizuno 2-2-0 vs 3-2-0 Masayuki Kono
Takuya Wada 15-8-8 vs 3-7-2 Seiki Ryo
Shinsuke Shoji 3-3-1 vs 5-9-2 Wataru Takahashi
Yo Saito vs Tomoaki Honda
Ryota Sasaki vs Masamitsu Sato


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