12/01 Cage Force 05 - Tournament Finals

Wednesday 28 November 2007

After the dissapointement of not being able to use Kitaoka in this event, they have found an opponent for Mizuto Hirota.

This will be a very good event!

The hightlights:

-Urushitani: 3 Career losses, not lost in 3 years.
-Kenji Osawa: Rightfully ranked amoung the best Bantamweight fighters inthe world. BUT is currently on a 2 fight losing streak. Needs to redeemhimself here!

Welterweight final:
-Dan Hardy: A very talented British fighter, on a 5 fight winningstreak. His semi-final win was very impressive.
-Boku: Not lost in more than 4 years, in that period he has 10 fightswith a record of 9 wins and 1 Draw. Beaten fighters like Hermes Francaand DEEP standout Ryan Bow.

Lightweight Final:
-Yoshida: On a 7 fight winning streak (over 2 years), none of them havegone the distance. Very impressive semi-final against Akira Kikuchi.
-Oumakhanov: Has a 6-1 record, only loss to Andre "Dida" Amade. In myopinion had the weakest semi-final, more luck than skill that he won.Was very impressive before his loss to "Dida".

You can watch the Semi-Finals here

Main events:

Welter weight tournament final :
Yoshiyuki Yoshida 8-2-0 vs 16-5-0 Dan Hardy

Light weight tournament final:
Koutetsu Boku* 13-3-1 vs 6-1-0 Artur Oumakhanov

*Boku was ranked #10 on Sherdog’s latest Lightweight ranking.

Yasuhiro Urushitani* 14-3-4 vs 2-1-0 Jesse Taitano

*Urushitani was ranked #2 on Sherdog’s latest Flyweight ranking
Mizuto Hirota 6-2-0 vs Sin Do Gi

Kenji Osawa* 12-7-1 vs 3-1-0 Nobuhiro “Punch” Yamauchi
*Osawa was ranked #7 on Sherdog’s latest Bantamweight ranking
Takeya Mizugaki 7-2-2 vs. 7-7-3 Seiji Ozuka* (Otsuka on Sherdog)
*Only one of his fights has not gone the distance
Toshikazu Iseno “ISE” 5-3-1 vs 10-8-1 Takahito Iida
Yukiya Naito 12-4-2 vs. 2-3-3 Takenori Sato

Preliminary fights
Hiroshi Arakawa 1-1-0 vs 2-0-0 Seiya Kawahara
Junichi Ota 0-1-1 vs 1-0-0 Hiroshi Takita
Taiyoku Endo 1-0-0 vs. 0-1-0 Hiroyuki Kuwabara


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