11/8 Shooto "Back the Our Roots 6" - Pictures

Friday 9 November 2007

Yesterday Shooto held their main event for the year, and I for one is not disapointed. There are a couple of fighters that need special mention, some will notice that there are a few additions to my favorite fighters as well.

Anyway, performance of the night, without a doubt went to the Brazilian Eduardo Dantas. The 18 year old made the best of his reach, and showed that he was more than good enough to match "BJ" and deserved the victory.

Fight of the night, Antonio "Pato" Carvalho vs. Hiroyuki Takaya. This was an unbelievable fight where both fighters showed a lot of heart. "Pato" looked to have the upper hand, but Takaya dug deep and pulled out an amazing victory.

For me, the reason I bought the ticket and took the day off work was one guy. Joachim Hansen made his return to the ring. He didnt win this fight, but in all honesty the decision could have gone either way.

Caol Uno was there to take care of his fighters. Here he is helping Mitusoka to victory. His fighters where clearly inspired by his presence and both won their fights.

In the main event, Katsuya Toida attempts a knee against "Lion" Takeshi. In the end Takeshi pulled of a victory by decision.

After an awesome night of fighting, there is not much left to say. Thank you to the fighters who took part!

When the group pictures where done, a few of the fighters stayed back to sign autographes and meet fans. In my eyes it was easy to see why a few of these fighters are so popular. This is also the reason for my additions to my favorite fighters.

Joachim Hansen took time for everyone who wanted to take pictures or get an autograph. They were almost done takeing down the ring and he was still there. He even took time to talk a bit and said he felt rusty during the fight. He will be back!

Antonio "Pato" Carvalho was also one of the fighters staying back. He was disapointed at his loss, but assured me that he will be back.

Megumi Fuji also stayed back long after most people had left the arena.

All these 3 fighters showed why they are such crowd favorites and they made it a special night. They were not all winners yesterday, but they gained a lot of fans. They will be back, and these are fighters I will make sure to see every time they fight.


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