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Sunday 4 November 2007

This weekend has not had any major MMA events in Japan, but there have been a few annoucements of interest:


Decemeber will without a doubt be a busy month for the DEEP staff, as 3 events are annouced for that month.

DEEP has annouced that they will hold DEEP X 02 on Dec. 3 in Shinjuku Face areana. This is their grappling event, and promises to be very entertaining. The main event (I assume this will be the main event) will have the DEEP chamption Hasegawa facing the BJJ world champion Lucas Lepri.

DEEP 33 Impact
DEEP also announce that they will hold DEEP 33 in Korakuen Hall on Dec, 12. No fights are annouced for this card yet.

DEEP Protect Osaka
For me the most interesting news is the annoucement of Protect Osaka. For this event, DEEP has set up a team format in which Japan and Korea will face off in a 3 fight competition.

Japan is represented by Maeda, Ikemoto and Murata. Korea with Gyon Nam Kim, Do Won So and Kim Ho Jin. MIKU and Yabu will also appear on this card.


Back to our Roots 6
Shooto will of course have their supercard later this week (Nov. 8). This card features virtually all their stars in addition to a few more.

The card for Novemeber 8:
Takashi Nakakura 8-2-1 VS  10-1-1 Yusuke Endo
Katsuya Toida 10-6-3 VS 13-2-0 “Lion” Takeshi Inoue
Antonio Carvalho10-2-0 vs 8-4-1 Hiroyuki Takaya
Shinichi Kojima “BJ” 8-1-4 VS 2-1-0 Eduardo Dantas
Joachim Hansen 15-5-1 VS 11-5-2 Eiji Mitsuoka
Masaaki Sugawara 6-1-0 VS 3-2-0 Rambaa Somdet “M16”
Masashi Yozen 5-1-1 VS Leandro Batata Silva
Megumi Fujii “Mega Megu” 11-0-0 VS 8-1-0 Kyoko Takabayashi
Hayate Usui 7-5-1 VS 3-1-2 Shintaro Ishiwatari

December 8
Shooto has also annouced 6 fights for their December 8 event in Shinjuku Face areana. In what looks to be the main event, Ikeda gets a chance to revenge his loss to Abe.

This event is the Rookie tournament finals, and we will undoubtedly find some of the new Japanese MMA stars in this event.

Hiroyuki Abe 7-13-3 vs. 1-3-1 Hiroyuki Ikeda
Tatsuro Kamei 2-0-0 vs 1-2-0 Kenji Hasoya
Hiromasa Ougikubo 3-0-1 vs 0-2-3 Yasuhiro Kanayama
Tomonori Taniguchi 2-3-0 vs 2-1-0 Kazuhiro Ito
Akihiro Yamazaki 8-2-1 vs 2-1-1 Tomokazu Yuasa
Hiroki Sato 2-0-0 vs 1-0-0 Takaaki Oban

On that note, last year`s winner of the 115 pound class Shinya Murofushi and the winner of the 123 pound class Ryuichi Miki has been promoted to class A shooto fighters.

Murofushi is in my eyes a very strong fighter and someone we will see a lot from in the future. I have seen him on a couple of occations and been very impressed both times.

Cage Force

Cage Force EX - Eastern bound
Cage force has one event in November, the main event will determine who will meet Boku in the Light weight tournment final. In addtion to this, there are a couple of interesting fights on this card:

Tomonari Kanomata 11-1-3 vs 5-1-0 Artur Oumakhanov
Naoko Ohmuro 8-5-1 vs 7-8-3 Misaki Takimoto
Emi Fujino 6-0-0 vs YukoYusaku
Tsukkumo 2-3-0 vs Nagamura一慶
Nakamura “K” Taro 13-2-2 vs 0-0-2 Takefumi Hanai
Keitaro Maeda 1-3-0 vs4-2-1 Masahiro Toryu
Fanjin Son 4-1-0 vs 3-1-2 Koji Yoshimoto Y
oshihiro Koyama 7-2-1 vs 0-4-1 Yasuyoshi Kanehara
Daisuke Hoshino 2-0-0 vs 3-1-3 Yasutomo Tanaka
Naoki Miyamoto 2-1-0 vs 1-0-0 Takahashi Yoshiaki

Cage Force o5
This is the tournment finals Cage Force, and it promises to be an awesome event.

Welter weight Final
Yoshiyuki Yoshida 8-2-0 vs 16-5-0 Dan Hardy

Light weight Final
Koutetsu Boku 13-3-1 vs Winner Oumakhanov/Kanomata

Also on the card will be:
Toshikazu Iseno 5-3-1 vs 10-8-1 Takahito Iida

Also participating:
Pancrase stand-out Satoru Kitaoka
Shooto rank #1 Yasuhiro Urushitani
Shooto stand-out, now Cage Force fighter Takeya Mizugaki


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