12/8 Shooto - Rookie Finals

Tuesday 13 November 2007

The next shooto event, after the super-card is the rookie tournament finals. This will be held in Shinjuku Face arena and, as always for these type of events, there are lots of new and exciting fighters. Notably, Tomonori Kamei (won both his fights by triangle choke). Also Masakatsu Ueda is worth a special notice.

Either way, the fighters who reach the Shooto finals are fighters we are likely to hear from in the future.

1.Light-Heavy Weight Tournament Final:
Hiroki Sato 2-0-0 vs. 1-0-0 Takaaki “C-Boy” Oban
2. Bantam Weight Tournament Final:
Tatsuro Kamei 2-0-0 vs. 1-2-0 Kenji Hasoya
3. Light Weight Tournament Final:
Tomonori Taniguchi 2-3-0 vs. 2-1-0 Kazuhiro Ito
4. Fly Weight Tournament Final:
Hiroyuki Abe 3-0-0 vs. 1-3-1 Hiroyuki Ikeda
5. Feather weight Tournament Final:
Hiromasa Ougikubo 3-0-1 vs. 1-2-3 Yasuhiro Kanayama
6. Middle weight Tournament Final:
Akihiro Yamazaki 8-2-1 vs. 2-1-1 Tomokazu Yuasa
7. Light weight Division:
Hiroshi Nakamura 3-3-3 vs. 5-5-2 Kyotaro Nakao
8. Welter weight Division:
Koumei Okada 5-6-1 vs 4-2-0 Paolo Milano
9. Middle weight semi-final 2 Rounds:
Taisuke Okuno 3-1-0 vs. 2-3-1 Hirosumi “C-Bozu” Sugiura
10. Feather weight 3Rounds:
Masakatsu Ueda 5-0-1 vs. 5-4-3 Tetsu “Hadairo” Suzuki


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