Yarennoka - UPDATE Yoshida Fighting??

Sunday 25 November 2007

Sportsnavi (kakutogi) and Fight Opinion has, in an article from 11/23, launched Hidehiko Yoshida as a possible opponent for Fedor. I would not get too "excited" about this news yet. The article merely states that Yoshida would not turn down a fight with Fedor.

There was another article yesterday (11/24) where Yoshida`s management stated that Yoshida would rather fight in Yarennoka than K-1 Dynamite. K-1 has apparently suggested that Yoshida fight Akiyama on NYE. Yoshida`s management has dismissed this suggestion based on the fact that Yoshida (currently 105 kg) is 20 kg heavier than Akiyama.

In my opinion, Yoshida`s career has been on a downward trend since 2005. Since his win against Mark Hunt, he is has a 3-4 record and his wins have not been impressive. From what I have seen on TV, he has also put on a bit of weight (some of which I am sure accounts for him being 20 kg heavier than Akiyama). He is 38 years old, and if he fights on NYE, he has not been in the ring for a year. This is not the kind of fight the fans want to see.

Keep in mind though that, M-1 is lending out Fedor for this event. I very much doubt we will see him fight a top opponent, like Randy Couture, this time.



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