12/01 Cage Force 05 - RESULTS

Monday 3 December 2007

Appologies for the late update of these results. Hopefully I can make it up later this week with some good pictures.

Anyway, this was an event that did not disappoint. Normally, an event with so many fights going the distance is not always interesting. But here all the fighters gave it 100% and all the fights were very entertaining.

The highlight was of course Artur Oumakhanov’s victory in the main event, but there were other fights here that deserves a mention. Jesse Taitano was very impressive against an opponent that was expected to dominate him. Another fighter to keep an eye on: Kawahara.

The main disappointment was how the final between Dan Hardy and Yoshiyuki Yoshida finished. I really hope these fighters agree to (and Cage Force is able to put together) a re-match.

Main events:
Artur Oumakhanov Def. Koutetsu Boku by split decision
Artur Oumakhanov was impressive against the home favorite. Some (including me) thought this fight would come too close after his semi-final fight just 20 days earlier.

In a fight fought mainly on their feet, the Sambo fighter proved the stronger and took home a split decision victory.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida Def. Dan Hardy by disqualification, kick to groin. Round 2, 0:04.
This was the fight I was looking forward to the most. Unfortunately, due to an accidental low blow, we never got to see these fighters show their potential. The first round was close, but I thought there was a slight advantage for Yoshida.

I would however question this result… Going with consistency, I would like to remind everyone what Artur Oumakhonov won his semi-final after an accidental clash of heads... I don’t know the exact rules here, but it doesnt seem consistent to me.

Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. Jesse Taitano Draw
Jesse Taitano was by far the biggest surprise of the night. His tactics to keep the fight on his feet and keep distance proved to work as he very nearly won the match by a KO about mid way through round 1. Indeed, the previous fight was stopped in after a similar punch.

Jesse dominated round 1, then seemed to tire a bit through round 2. This fight was rightly judged a draw as Urushitani was the better fighter in the last round.

Jesse proved that he can match it with the best fighters in the world in this fight. I hope and expect to see a lot more from this fighter in the years to come. Hopefully he will get his chance to match up with some of the best bantamweight fighters in the world in Shooto. Either way, this is a fighter to watch for the future.

Mizuto Hirota Def. Sin Do Gi by KO, Round 1 0:16
In the quickest fight of the night, Mizuto Hirota defeated Korean Sin Do Gi by KO. In a fight that I thought was called off too early (Sin Do Gi seemed to agree). Either way, the results stands.
Kenji Osawa Def. Nobuhiro “Punch” Yamauchi
Kenji Osawa finally got back in the victory circle after 2 consecutive losses he won a convincing victory over the strawberry pants wearing, eccentric Yamauchi “Punch”.

Takeya Mizugaki Def. Seiji Ozuka* (Otsuka on Sherdog)
A convincive decision victory to Mizugaki. Seiji Ozuka continues to have his fights go the distance, but there was not much more he would take away from this fight.
Toshikazu Iseno “ISE” vs. Takahito Iida Draw
In a very close and action packed fight, all the judges saw this fight as a draw.

Yukiya Naito Def. Takenori Sato by TKO Round 1, 4:45.
Naito was dominating in this victory. Sato did have a chance early, when it looked like he had a solid guillotine choke, but except for that it was an easy victory for Naito.

Preliminary fights
Seiya Kawahara Def. Hiroshi Arakawa by decision 3-0
Kitaoka was not fighting in this event, however he was there to support Kawahara. Kawahara seemed to apprieciate the advise given from Kitaoka, who was very active from where he was seated ringside. A deserved victory and a fighter to keep your eyes on, the Pancrase fighter is now 3-0.

Junichi Ota Def. Hiroshi Takita by decision 3-0
Taiyoku Endo Def. Hiroyuki Kuwabara by TKO Round 1 2:52.


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