12/26 SmackGirl - 7th Anniversary - RESULTS

Thursday 27 December 2007

I am one of those that think there is not enough publisity for female MMA, I believe they should have room for at least one fight on the major cards like HEROs/Yarennoka. For now, you have to go to the DEEP/Shooto type events to see them. SmackGirl is going the opposite way, however, a card will all female fights.

The problem is generaly that there is not enough talent to fill regular cards. On this card SmackGirl brought out just about all the stars they have. The main event saw SmackGirl champion Yuka Tsuji against Su Hi Ham. Ham has proven that she is a worthy opponent when she dominated Hisae Watanabe earlier this year. Tsuji had however done her homework and took the fight to the ground, where she dominated without being able to finish the fight.

Satoko Shinashi was forced to fight a late replacement for An, who had visa issues. She won an easy vicory over Akemi Morihara.

The biggest star on the card, Megumi Fujii, was facing a rookie in the former wrestler Mika Nagano.

Yuka Tsuji Def. Su Hi Ham by decision 3-0
Shinashi Sato Def. Akemi Morihara by heel-hook Round 1, 4:17
Lana Stefanac Def. Megumi Yabushita by decision 3-0
Saori Ishioka vs. Thricia Poovey by arm-bar Round 1, 4:18
Emi Fujino Def. V Hajime by decision 2-1
Madoka Okada Def. Shawn Tamaribuchi by decision 3-0
Megumi Fujii Def. Mika Nagano by triangle-choke Round 1, 1:20
Kanako Takeshita Def. Benkei by Kimura, Round 1, 2:52
Yasuko Tamada Def. Maho Muranami by decision 3-0
Miki Morifuji Def. Hari by achillies lock, Round 1, 3:06



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