12/23 Shoot Boxing Osaka - RESULTS

Monday 24 December 2007

Shoot Boxing had their event in Osaka yeasterday. I was not tere, and have really only been able to find the results. So here they are:

Minato Masanori Def. Fujimoto Shouta by decision 2-0
Minato Masanori Def. Wakayama Masaharu by KO, Round 2, 1:12
Kubuchunarena M15 Def. Oka Kanako by decision 2-0
KY Youhei Def. Nogami Yuuta by decision 3-0
Takawaguchi Mantarou Def. Kawata Yasuhiro by decision 3-0
Hyakutake Masatoshi Def. Sasaki Makoto by TKO, Round 1.
福地翔太 vs. Matsumoto Tadashi by decision 3-0
Umeno Takaaki Def. Iga Hiroharu by decision 3-0
King 皇兵 Def. Kida Nakkuru Shouta by TKO Round 3, 2:40.
Iwashita Masahiro Def. King by KO, Round 3, 1:16.
Phantom Shinya Def. Kyoutani Hiroki by Submission (Front choke), Round 3, 0:49
Naguranchun Man M16 Def. Sakimura Akihito by decision, 3-0
Kikuchi Kouichi Def. Adam Hickson/Rickson by decision 3-0
Jon Byun Gu (?) Def. Oikawa Tomohiro by Decision


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