12/22 DEEP Protect Osaka - RESULTS

Wednesday 12 December 2007

DEEP held their Protect Osaka event yesterday. As expected, Japan won their 3 fight tournament against Korea, 2-0. Also, Miku Matsumoto capped an amazing year for her, earlier this year she claimed the DEEP title, now she improved her record for the year to 5-0.

The grappling tag team tournament was won by Purebred Kyoto, the fighters were AKI and AGO.

Other results:
Japan vs. Korea 3 Fights
Yoshiro Maeda Vs. Jong Man Kim Draw
Seichi Ikemoto Def. Seo Do Wong by Heel-lock, Round 1, 2:56
Ryuichi Murata Def. Kim Ho Jin (キム・ホジン) by Arm-bar, Round 1, 3:38

Miku Matsumoto Def. Wenton Sakrungruang by Arm-bar, Round 1, 0:43
Hiroki Nagaoka Def. Ken Hamamura by decision 3-0
Tomoyuki Fukami Def. Akihiko Mori by front choke, Round 2, 1:43
Yukinari Tamura Def. Naoki Matsushita by TKO, Round 2, 3:46
Motoyuki Takinishi Def. Toru Harai by decision 3-0
Yusuke Sakashita Def. Taiki Yonashiro by TKO, Round 2, 2:18
Takahiro Kajita Def. Hiroshi Shiba by decision 2-0
Isao Terada Def. Nobuhiro Yoshitake by KO, Round 1, 2:43
Kousuke Eda Def. Takashi Hasegawa by decision 3-0
Yabu Def. Junichi Nakahira by decision 3-0


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