12/8 K-1 GP Finals - RESULTS *Spoilers*

Saturday 8 December 2007

The fights have started. I will update the resluts as the fights happen.

Semmy Schilt goes in as the favorite.

FINAL: Semmy Schilt Def. Peter Aerts by KO, Round 1.
3 times champion Aerts will face 2 times champion Schilt in the all Dutch final.
Round 1 Aerts the most agressive early on. Schilt does not seem to take much damage. Aerts goes down he seems to have injured his knee. It was not a result of any kick.

Super Fight: Musashi Def. David Doncrade by KO, Round 1.
Round 1 Fighters feeling each other out, no fighter has an upper hand. Until the last second of the round, when Musashi KOs Dancrade with a kick to the body.

Semi Final 2: Peter Aerts Def. Remy Bonjasky by decision 3-0
Aerts had the easier quarter-final, and I would be surprised if he doesnt take this.
Round 3 Bonjasky fights his way back in. Both fighters look very tired and the last round is close.
Round 2 Both fighters come out hard. Aerts continue to work the leg kicks. Remy not giving much now. Remy gets Aerts on the ropes, and lands lots of punches, but Aerts stays up.
Round 1 The round starts off even, but then Aerts starts working on the legs. Remy is tired and clearly in pain. Bonjasky is told to be more active, he looks very tired at the end of the round, he tries a few kneees but doesnt hit.

Semi Final 1: Semmy Schilt Def. Jerome Le Banner by TKO (towel thrown) Round 2.
Round 2 Le Banner does not looks comfortable as he comes out. Seems to have hurt his leg and Schilt will have an easy fight. Towel throuwn from Le Banner corner.
Round 1 Le Banner is the more agressive and hits with a few punches. Schilt is close to a KO at the end of round 1. A close first round.

Quarter Final 4: Peter Aerts Def. Junichi Sawayashiki by KO punch, Round 1.
Round 1 Aerts goes for some leg kicks. THen hits with a kick to the head. Sawayashiki takes count, but get back up. Aerts dominates and wins by KO.

Quarter Final 3: Remy Bonjasky Def. Badr Hari by decision 2-0
Round 3 Remi comes out strong. Lots of punches throuwn, not much hitting. Both fighters looking tired. Remi probably looking the fresher.
Round 2 Again in this round, Hari is throwing more punches. Remi is defending well, but the round would probably go to Hari.
Round 1 Some very strong leg kicks from both fighters start off the round. Looks like Hari has done more damage with his kicks. Hari finishes stronger.

Quarter Final 2: Semmy Schilt Def. Glaube Feitosa by decision 3-0
Round 3 Schilt trying to set up a knee, both fighters are tired now. Schilt is the more active and will probably take this round too.
Round 2 Feitosa hits with a high-kick and Schilt is close to going down. But he fights back and gets the upper hand again. Feitosa is tired at the end of the round, Schilt is close witha few knees. Round to Schilt.
Round 1 Both fighters mixing it up with kicks and punches. Hard to tell who has the upper hand, but looks like Schilt is getting the better of the exchanges. End of the round its clear that Schilt is doing the most damage.

Quarter Final 1: Jerome Le Banner Def. Hong Man Choi by decision 3-0
Round 3 Le Banner starts the round better, hitting with some strong punches. Choi looks tired, but is still fighting back. Lots of punches from both fighters. Clear round to Le Banner.
Round 2 Banner hits with more punches in this round, but a close round.
Round 1 Fighters feeling each other out. Both fighters hitting with a few punches. Hong Man finishes the round stronger.

Paul Slowinski Vs. Mighty Mo TKO, Round 2 (leg Kicks)
Round 2 Slowinski continues with leg kicks. Mighty Mo goes down, and is unable to continue.
Round1 Mighty Mo goes straight for a KO and is close. Slowinski goes for leg kicks, but gets a cut that needs a doctor check. The leg kicks are hurting Mighty Mo, but he hits the target with a lot of punches. In my book, MIghty Mo takes this round.

Takashi Tachikawa Def. Ki Min Kim by KO (Leg kicks), Round 1

I am watching this live on TV. If your in Japan, that is Sky-Perfect channel 721.
Results can also be found here, in Japanese http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/fight/k1/live/2007/2007120801/index.html


Anonymous,  8 December 2007 at 10:11  

ki min kim is awful

Borre 8 December 2007 at 10:12  

Did not do much in this fight... A few leg kicks and he couldnt get back up...

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