12/12 DEEP Impact 33 - Updated

Tuesday 4 December 2007

There has been a few changes to the card since I posted it. So here is the updated card for DEEP 33.

"Hollywood" Stoker Ichikawa will take part in a promotional fight,Ichikawa is normally a pro-wrestler fighting in the Promotion called"Dragon Gate". It will be exciting to see how he matches up against the very experienced Namekawa. Other exciting fighters on this card: Yuji Sakuragi, Jutaro Nakao,Sojiro Orui, Yuta Watanabe and dethroned champion Hisae Watanabe.

DEEP has had to spread their talent around a bit this month and it shows a bit on this card. With 2 big events 10 days apart, it would not be easy. However, there is lots of new talent getting a chance.

Hidetada Irie 3-3-1 vs 8-9-0 Yuji Sakuragi
Jutaro Nakao 20-12-4 vs 1-1-0 Pang Sung Hwan
"Hollywood" Stoker Ichikawa vs. 19-13-3 Yasuhito Namekawa

Middleweight Tournament qualifier: Sojiro Orui 5-1-3 vs 1-3-0 Masataka Chinushi
Hisae Watanabe 18-6-0 vs Genkamu Rukchamupokam (?)
Yuta Watanabe 6-1-3 vs 1-2-0 Min Suk Heo
Isamu Sugiuchi 4-4-2 vs 0-3-0 Toshiaki Kitada
Junpei Hamada 4-9-0 vs 1-0-0 Shunske Inoue
Sen Nakadai 4-8-0 vs 23-26-10 Kosei Kubota
Koji Yoshida 2-4-2 vs 2-1-0 Koichiro Matsumoto
Hirotaka Inoue vs 5-3-1 Yasushi Kitazaki

One fight is taken off the card, IRO was injured during DEEP X02 December 2 and will not be able to fight: Muscle Hiranuma 2-2-0 vs 0-3-0 (1NC) Iro Zeki


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