12/31 K-1 Dynamite - Fights added

Thursday 13 December 2007

FEG adds another 2 fights to their NYE card. Tokoro got the fight on NYE he was promised after his win in ZST 15. He will meet Pride veteran Kiyoshi Tamura in what will be a good match-up.

The other fight is between Musashi and Bernard Ackah. It is very hard for me to get excited about match-ups like these. Bernard Ackah is without a doubt talented, but in my mind he has not done enough in the ring to deserve a fight like this. It will either be a spectacular KO, or most likely, a very boring fight. FEG have a tradition for adding these kind of fights to their events... And I am sure they do draw a crowd in Japan.

HEROs Rule
Hideo Tokoro 19-12-1 vs. 16-10-0 Kiyoshi Tamura

K-1 Rule
Musashi vs. Bernard Ackah

Already on the card:

HEROs Rules
Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto 16-1-0 vs. 11-3-0 Rani Yahya
Sakuraba 22-10-1 vs. 38-11-1 Masakatsu Funaki
Joachim Hansen 15-6-1 vs. 5-5-0 Kazuyuki Miyata
Minowaman 38-26-8 vs. 3-3-0 "Zulu" Wagner da Conceicao Martins
Yusuke Nishijima 0-4-0 vs. 18-4-1 Melvin Manhoef

K-1 Rule
Masato vs. Yong Soo Choi

K-1 Rules Under 18 tournament
HIROYA vs. Tsukasa Fuji
Kenji Kubo vs. Yudai


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