2/11 Cage Force Eastern EX - Card Completed

Sunday 3 February 2008

Cage Force has finalized their card for February 11. The first 2 fighters for the Semi-Finals of the featherweight tournament will be determined here.

Also worth looking at is Monma, he made a good impression in last year's tournament and this time he is taking on Korean wrestler Hoon.

Semi-Final Cage Force Featherweight Tournament Round 1
"Wicky" Akiyo Nishiura 6-2-1 vs. 3-2-2 Jong Man Kim

Semi-Final Cage Force Featherweight Tournament Round 1
Takeshi Yamazaki 12-7-2 vs. 2-1-0 Daiki Ozaki

Fight #6 Welterweight 5min×3R
Hidetaka Monma 13-7-3 vs. Lee Yong Hoon

Fight #5 Lightweight 5min×3R
Mizuto Hirota 7-2-0 vs. 7-5-0 Johnny Frachey

Fight #4 Lightweight 5min×3R
Yoshihiro Koyama 8-2-1 vs. 4-5-2 Isamu Sugiuchi

Fight #3 Welterweight 5min×2R
Tetsuo Seto 4-1-1 vs. 1-1-0 Toshinari Takashima

Fight #2 Middleweight 5min×2R
Hiroki Ozaki 3-1-0 vs. 4-0-0 Norman Paraisy

Fight #1 Bantamweight 5min X 2R
Taiyo Nakahara 8-6-0 vs. 3-1-0 Motonobu Tezuka

Preliminary fight#2 Featherweight 5min×2R
Naohiro Mizuno 1-1-0 vs. Ryuta Sasaki

Preliminary fight#1 Featherweight 5min×2R
Wataru Suzukivs. 0-1-0 Manabu Watanabe


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