2/22 DEEP Impact 34-REULTS

Friday 22 February 2008

I just came back from the DEEP event tonight. As always, I enjoyed the night. The main event was chosen by draw... And I think Saeki (DEEP Promotor) wished it went differently... In the first round we saw Ryuta Sakuraigi vs. Riki Fukuda. This is what I expected the final to be.

In the other tournament of the night, Satoko Shinashi took home the Flyweight title. It should be mentioned that she got through the first fight with some good advice from Shinya Aoki (when she gave up her back), but as the night progressed she was the best fighter, by far.

My (and most of my friends') favorite fight of the night (except Sakurai vs. Fukuda) was the heavyweight battle between Inoue and Nakanish, lets just call it slugfest 2008.

Ryoji Suzuki Def. Kenta Okuyama by rear-naked choke, Round 2, 2:08
SACHI Def. Kayoko Nagashima by arm-bar, Round 2, 2:01
Satoko Shinashi Def. Fukuko Hamada by decision 3-0
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi Def. Shunsuke Inoue by decision 3-0
Shigetoshi Iwase vs. Ken Hamamura DRAW
Toshiaki Kitada vs. Isao Terada DRAW
Yoshihiro Tomioka "Barbaro44" vs. Seigo Inoue DRAW (1-0)
Yasuhito Namekawa Def. Carlos Toyota by Achillies-hold, Round 1, 2:58
Shinashi Satoko Def. Sachi by arm-bar, Round 1, 2:58
Riki Fukuda Def. Ryuta Sakurai by Decision 3-0
Yuichi Nakanishi Def. Eiji Ishikawa by decision 2-1
Daijiro Matsui Def. Ryo by decision 2-1
Yuya Shirai Def. Sojiro Orui by decison 3-0

From what you can see here... Riki Fukuda is now the CLEAR favorite to win this title.


Anonymous,  1 March 2008 at 11:15  

Hey I was just wondering if the fights were really good at this event. I might be getting a DVD of this and I was just wondering if it will even be worth it.


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