2/24 ZST .16 - Results

Tuesday 26 February 2008

ZST held their ZST 16 on Sunday, the main event was between Masayuki Okude and Yojiro Uchimura. Okude has been named "Mini-Hong Man Choi" in the Japanese media, for obvious resons.

Masayuki Okude Def. Yojiro Uchimura by heel-lock, Round 1, 3:21
Masanori Kanehara Def. Shunichi Shimizu by arm-bar, Round 2, 0:42
Takanori Fujiwara Def. Tatsuya Uematsu Round 1, 1:58
Yuichiro Yajima vs. Hiroaki Okuna DRAW
Kenji Nagai Def. Keisuke Onuma by arm-bar, Round 3:22
Masashi Takeda Def. Ryo Nakajima “Toraji” by arm-bar, Round 2, 2:31
Hirotaka Tomiyama vs. Tetsuya Yamada DRAW
Shinya Sato Def. Emerson Azuma by arm-bar, Round 1, 4:48
Tatsuhiko Nishizaka Def Shinya Miura by arm-bar, Round 1, 1:32
Hiroyuki Ota vs. Toriyama Yoichiro DRAW


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