2/22 DEEP Impact 34 - Hisae Watanabe injured, fight cancelled

Saturday 9 February 2008

Hisae Watanabe and Motoyuki Takinishi got injured during training, due to this there are some changes to this card.

This fight is cancelled:
Hisae Watanabe 19-6-0 vs. 6-4-2 Yasuko Tamada

Toshiaki Kitada will fight Isao Terada instead of Motoyuki Takinishi.

It is a bit disappointing that the Watanabe fight is cancelled, I was looking forward to it, luckily there is the 1-day tournament that makes up for it. I will be in the crowd and think this should be a good show, hope to get some good pictures.

Yoshihiro Tomioka "Barbaro44" 10-4-3 vs. 3-1-1 Seigo Inoue
Yasuhito Namekawa 19-15-3 vs. 1-2-1 Carlos Toyota
Shigetoshi Iwase 7-9-2 vs. 12-4-3 Ken Hamamura
Toshiaki Kitada 7-3-0 vs. 4-4-2 Isao Terada
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi 2-0-0 vs. 1-1-0 Shunsuke Inoue)

Female Flyweight 1-Day tournament Semi-finals:
Satoko Shinashi 26-1-2 vs. 4-1-0 Fukuko Hamada
SACHI 3-2-0 vs. 0-1-0 Kayoko Nagashima

Middleweight Tournament:
-Ryuta Sakurai (15-13-4)
-Yuichi Nakanishi (6-7-3)
-Riki Fukuda (8-3-0)
-Daijiro Matsui (9-18-4)
-Eiji Ishikawa (14-14-2)
-Yuya Shirai (9-5-0)
-Sojiro Orui (5-1-4)

Here is the fight were Ryuta Sakurai lost his title to Ryo Chonan (now in the UFC).

This should be a pretty competitive tournament, my favorites for the title is Riki Fukuda and Ryuta Sakurai. Ryuta Sakurai's record looks pretty average, but be aware that since 2004 he has only lost to top fighters (Murilo Bustamante, Yushin Okami, Ryo Chonan and Paulo Filho).


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