2/2 K-1 World Max 2008 - Results Live updates

Saturday 2 February 2008

The fights are about to start, and I will update the results as the fights finish.

Final - Yasuhiro Kido Def. HAYATO by TKO (3 down), Round 1, 1:07
Buakaw Por. Pramuk Def. Yoshihiro Sato by decision (after extention) 2-1
HAYATO Def. Hiroyuki Maeda Doctor stop Round 1, 3:00
Yasuhiro Kido Def. Andy Olongun by decision 3-0
Yasuhito Shirasu Def. Kozo Mitsuyama by KO, Round 2, 2:46
HAYATO Def. Ryuji by decision 2-0
Hiroyuki Maeda Def. TATSUJI by KO ,Round 1 1:10
Yasuhiro Kido Def. Keiji Ozaki by decision 3-0
Andy Olongun Def. Yuya Yamamoto By decision 3-0
Artur Kyshenko Def. Shingo Garyu by KO, Round 1, 4:57

Youth Fights:
HIROYA Def. Robby Hageman by KO, Round 2, 2:05
Shota Shimada Def. Roy Tan by Decision 3-0
Kizaemon Saiga Def. Bappie “Baby Face” Tetteroo by KO, Round 2, 0:32


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