Saturday 15 March 2008

Ok, I am home frome DREAM 1. For some reason I dont feel satisfied...

It was a very good production. I think the reason I am not satisfied in the main event...

I dont want to see it end like that... Aoki got a few elbows to the neck and couldn't continue. I think both these fighters will go through to the next round. There is no reasoning behind this, but the way it ended, its hard to justify anything else (of course, there is also the fact that they are 1 fighter short).

Hellboy won, so did Alvarez. The second round will be amazing!!

10- Shinya Aoki vs. Gesias "J.Z." Calvancante NO CONTEST
9- Tatsuya Kawajiri Def. Kultar “Black Mamba” Gil by Decision 3-0
8- Eddie Alvarez Def. Andre "Dida" Amade TKO, 6:47
7- (SF) Mirko “Crocop” Filipovic Def. Tatsuya Mizuno
6- Mitsuhiro Ishida Def. Bu Kyung Jung by decision 3-0
5- Katsuhiko Nagata Def. Artur Oumakhanov by decision 3-0
4- Luiz Firmino "Buscape" Def. Kazuyuki Miyata by front choke Round 1, 7:37
3- Joachim Hansen Def. Koutetsu Boku by decision 3-0
2- (SF) Hayato "Mach" Sakurai Def. Hidetaka Monma By TKO, Round 1 1:12
1- (SF) Minowaman 38-27-8 Def. Lee Gwan Bum by Knee-bar 1:25


The Editor 15 March 2008 at 17:26  

Looked like some good fights. I hated to see JZ-Aoki end the way it did. If that fight would have continued on, I would have given it a Fight of the Night

Cro Cop looked good in his return and needed that win to get his confidence back.

Mach looked great.

I though Alvarez-Amade was an excellent fight. Early on it was back-and-forth and I thought that Alvarez was in trouble after the knockdown, but he really stepped it up and finished Amade.

David Stadler 15 March 2008 at 18:28  

I envy you my friend, I would of loved to have been in attendance for this event. I am glad to see that Mirko got back to his winning ways.

Eric Kamander 15 March 2008 at 20:55  

I have not had a chance to see the fights. If you did could you rate them at http://mma.kamander.com


Anonymous,  16 March 2008 at 04:32  

Really disappointing end to an otherwise good night of fighting.

Why did JZ throw elbows from that position? He put himself at risk of DQ because elbows to the head are NOT allowed. Punches or hammer fists would have been much more effective frankly.

I agree with Aoki not to continue. It would have given JZ to much of an advantage. Unless the ref allowed Aoki to have three free shots to the back of JZ's head also.

Borre 16 March 2008 at 12:43  

The end was dissapointing for sure. When I look back though, it was an amazing night up until that point!

Japan is a good place to be a MMA fan right now! So much going on that its hard to keep track of it all...

Unknown 17 March 2008 at 02:56  
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Unknown 17 March 2008 at 02:57  

Saw this badboy on TV the other night; Gotta love Japan!
I know what you mean about being left feeling unsatisfied. Bit difficult to say why, but the JZ-Aoki cock up left an empty void...

Suki MMA has an interview

Anonymous,  17 March 2008 at 03:19  

Can't wait for the MW tournament. Too bad Manheouf will be fighting K-1 instead.

--> Go Akiyama!!!

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