3/19 MMA Headlines

Wednesday 19 March 2008

Its been a little out of controll lately, with all the news around Sengoku and DREAM in addition to everything else. I have therefore deceided that I will post just some headlines of that is happening in Japan.

-It is rumored that CroCop will face Sergei Kharitonov in DREAM 4. The arena for DREAM 4 is not yet set, but it is between a Korean venue and Yokohama Arena. Date is the middle of June.

-Gryphon has posted that Sengoku might be getting closer to a deal with Fuji TV. This would be a huge deal, if it were to come true. Initially, Sengoku will be the theme for their martial arts programme SRS March 21.

-Old news, but HDNet is reportedly close to a deal with DREAM. This would be a big deal for both DREAM and HDNet. The US is the biggest MMA market right now, and DREAM needs reconition and viewers. A deal with HDNet would be very good for them financially. It would a huge deal for HDNet to get DREAM on as well. I am sure there are lots of fans in the US that want to watch these events.

- Yosuke Nishijima might fight in K-1 4.13. No confirmation on this yet, but it is without a doubt a better fit for him. Now he just has to find out what to do about leg-kicks.

-As we all know by now, the ratings for DREAM 1 were not good (8.9%) the highest rated fight on that night was the CroCop fight at 12.7%. This would undoubtebly be higher if he met someone better...


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