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Friday 21 March 2008

News have been slow the last few days, so decided to share some videos with you.

First of, if you haven't seen Joachim Hansen vs. Koutetsu Boku from DREAM 1, do it now! A very good fight, and Hellboy is back! Definitely a chance at winning this tournament. Boku did a good job defending this.

Joachim Hansen vs. Koutetsu Boku - DREAM.1 LW GP 2008 1st R
Uploaded by moltisanti87

Also from DREAM 1, Eddie Alvarez vs. Andre "Dida" Amade. Most of the fighters thought this was fight of the night, for me its between the two fights I have posted here.

Andre Dida vs Eddie Alvarez
Uploaded by Princenino

Later this month Baret Yoshida will step back into the MMA ring. He will meet non other than Hatsu Hioki in what will be one the highlights of Back to Our Roots 8. Here is a highlight video of Baret.

Hideki Kadowaki is challenging Akitoshi Tamura for the Shooto Lightweight title, in his last fight he took on Rumina Sato.


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