3/29 ClubDEEP and DEEP Megaton GP

Saturday 8 March 2008

On March 29 DEEP will hold 2 events in Shinjuku Face. First out is ClubDEEP. This is mainly a grappling event, but there are a few MMA fights on the card. The main event is most likely Ryan Bow versus Naoki Matsushita, just this fight should justify the enterance fee. Ryan Bow is always exciting to watch and I think he should win this.

CLUB DEEP Doors Open 13:30 Start 14:00
Han Su Fan (?) Vs.. 6-5-2 LUIZ
Ryan Bow 16-8-1 Vs. 9-9-8 Naoki Matsushita

Grappling Rule:
Seiichi Ikemoto Vs. Kosuke Umeda
Atsuhiro Tsuboi Vs. Tomoya Miyashita(POWER OF DREAM)
Hirotaka Miyakawa VS Ippo Watanuki
Yuki Inoue VS Yoshitomo Watanabe
Jin Kitasaki Vs Kanetaro
Kosei Kubota Vs. Taruhika Kubo
Tetsuya Yoshioka Vs. Kenji Shiota
Guy Delameau (?)ガイ・デルモ
Sadao Kondo

In the evening, they will hold the Megaton tournament. DEEP has been promoting the heck out of this one. I am sure it will be entertaining, though I suspect the skills on display will be more strength related than technique. These are big guys!

Chance for a good DEEP day!

DEEP Megaton GP2008 Doors Open 18:00 Start 18:30

Muscle Hironuma
Yusuke Kawaguchi
Yoichi Babaguchi
Kintaro Tsurukame
Nobuyoshi Takahara
Ken Orihashi
Ariyama Iiitomo
Tadahiro Kosaka
Ryosuke Kojima
Masanari Hosaka
Shunji Kosaka
Muneyuki Suzuki
Mamoru Nakamura
Katsuhika Kumano

Opening fight Oyaji MEGATON
Hiroshi Kiyohara VS Yoshihito Takahashi


Anonymous,  31 March 2008 at 08:35  

Guy's name is DeLumeau (you have a question mark next to it).

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