4/27 Pancrase - Shining Tour 3

Monday 24 March 2008

Pancrase have really been putting up some great cards so far this year. Shining Tour 3 looks very promising as well. Lightheavyweight champ Yuki Kondo is putting his title on the line against the number 1 challenger, KEI Yamamiya.

Also the newly crowned Lightweight champ, Shoji is fighting on this card. There will probably be a couple of additions to this card as well.

For me, I am looking forward to seeing fellow Scandinavian, Matti Makela. He is facing the experienced Hisamatsu.

Yuki Kondo 48-20-6 vs. 32-22-9 Keiichiro Yamamiya
Shoji 6-2-0 vs. 16-7-4 Koji Oishi
Bryan Rafiq 5-2-0 vs. 16-8-8 Takuya Wada
Yuji Hisamatsu 10-14-4 vs. 9-5-0 Matti Makela
Manabu Inoue 6-3-1 vs. 8-9-2 Masaya “J Taro” Takita
Daisuke Watanabe 17-27-4 vs. 2-2-0 Ryuji Ohori
Yukio Sakaguchi 1-2-0 vs. 5-10-3 Wataru Takahashi


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