4/5 Cage Force 06 - Fights confirmed

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Finally, Cage Force has published their fights for the bantamweight tournament. There was also a surprise main event on this card. As we know, Artur Oumakhanov will compete in the DREAM tournament this year. Because of that, he has returned his Cage Force belt. There will be a fight for the vacant title on April 5.

The card looks awesome and I think this will be a very good event.

Main event: Cage Force Lightweight Title Fight
Tomonari Kanomata 11-2-3 vs. 8-2-0 Mizuto Hirota

Featherweight tournament fights:
Yuji Hoshino 13-7-7 vs. 10-3-0 Antonio Carvalho
Adrian Pang 13-5-1 vs. 9-5-0 Armando Sanchez

Bantamweight tournament fights:
Ryota 2-0-0 vs. 8-6-0 Taiyo Nakahara

Daichi Fujiwara 6-1-1 vs. Katsuya Toida
Masahiro Oishi 17-9-7 vs. 12-4-0 Paul McVeigh

Non-tournament fights:
Bantamweight: Naoya Uematsu 14-7-2 vs. 6-1-0 James Doolan
Lightweight: Wataru Miki 12-7-2 vs. 9-2-1 Yoshihiro Koyama

Preliminary fights:
Featherweight: Tomoyuki Miyaji 2-0-0 vs. Nobutaka Hiyoshi
Lightweight: Junichi Ota vs. Naoto Miyazaki

Takeya Mizugaki 8-2-2 vs. 2-1-1 Robson Moura - Mizugaki got injured during training, but will be fit in June. Moura excepted to fight in June, but for an increased fee. This was unacceptable to GCM, so we will see if this fight will happen.



Anonymous,  13 March 2008 at 02:22  

I soooooo can't wait for this

WAR McVeigh and Doolan !!!

Borre 13 March 2008 at 16:56  

They have put up a good card! The Cage Force tournaments last year was very good, and I am very excited about this card!

Anonymous,  28 March 2008 at 18:00  

Yuji Hoshino and Katusya Toida got injured during training.

The dreaded "TBA" rears its face again.

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