14th Neo-Blood Finals Coming Up, Time to Look Back

Saturday 9 August 2008

This year is the 14th time Neo-Blood Finals are being held.

In the past this tournament has produced some very good fighters, and I would like to look back at past winners. Going back we see some fighters that have grown to become very big starts including fighters like Ikuhisa Minowa ('99), Evan Tanner ('98) and Kazuo Misaki ('01).

Those were just some of the past winners, but I want to create a more complete list of all the finalists, so here you go:

2007 Tournament Finals:
Middleweight: Rikuhei Fujii def. Tomoyoshi Iwamiya
Welterweight: Tadasuke Yoshida def. Takadaya Satoru
Lightweight: Yuichi Ikari def. Koichiro Matsumoto

2006 Tournament Finals:
Light-Heavyweight: Ryo Kawamura def. Sumio Koyano
Welterweight: Asaki Honda def. Shinya Kumazawa
Lightweight: Eriya Matsuda def. Tashiro Nishiuchi
Featherweight: Ryusuke Uemura def. Tatsuya So

2005 Tournament Finals:
Welterweight: Shinsuke Shoji def. Asaki Honda
Lightweight: Sotaro Yamada def. Minoru Chujo
Featherweight: Manabu Inoue def. Masaki Yanagisawa

2004 Tournament Finals:
Lightweight: Yuji Oba def. Ippo Watanuki
Featherweight: Atsushi Yamamoto def. Naoji Fujimoto

2003 Tournament Finals:
Middleweight: Yuichi Nakanishi def. Masakatsu Okuda
Welterweight: Naoki Seki def. Takahito Iida
Featherweight: Yoshiro Maeda def. Miki Shida

2002 Tournament Final: Hidetaka Monma def. Satoru Kitaoka (5 sec KO)
2001 Tournament Final: Kazuo Misaki def. Hiroki Nagaoka
2000 Tournament Final: Yuji Hoshino def. Daisuke Watanabe
1999 Tournament Final: Ikuhisa Minowa def. Minoru Toyonaga
1998 Tournament Final: Evan Tanner def. Justin McCully
1997 Tournament Final: Keiichiro Yamamiya def. Satoshi Hasegawa
1996 Tournament Final: Yuki Kondo def. Peter Williams
1995 Tournament Final: Takafumi Ito def. Ryushi Yanagisawa

Use the links to get a better view of how the tournament has evolved.


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