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Tuesday 5 August 2008

One of the fighters in the Sengoku Lightweight GP is Satoru Kitaoka. He might be a bit of an unknown fighter for those unfamiliar with Japanese MMA, but those who are know he is a very strong grappler. He is also an awesome corner-man, I have seen him make the difference there as well. He was cornering Shinya Aoki in the DREAM GP.

Satoru Kitaoka is one of my favorite Japanese fighters, and I was looking forward to seeing him in the Pride Lightweight GP. Unfortuanately that never happened, but Kitaoka was the only fighter that was already officially announced for that GP (that I know of).

This video is from the Pride GP qualifying fight against Fabricio "Pitbull" Monteiro.

His Sengoku Debut against Ian Schaffa:


My Favorite Russian 5 August 2008 at 23:05  

Kitaoka is a very impressive fighter when he is hitting on all cylinders, like in his fight with Pitbull. Subbing one of the top Gracie Fusion guys is a nice feat as well. My favorite (and according to the poll I am the only one) in the tournament is still Yokota. Long live DEEP!

Anonymous,  6 August 2008 at 13:35  

If Kitaoka is at his best for these two events I think he will win it. He should be able to beat French on the ground. Damm and Schultz could give him trouble though.

I also think Yokota is being overlooked a little because of his last performance. After his win over Obiya I thought he would become a top of the top LW in the future, I still have high hopes.

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