8/27 Pancrase Shining Tour - RESULTS

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Pancrase Neo-Blood finals NEVER disappoint! An awesome event again. There were lots on new exciting fighters on the card (Kawahara in addition to the Neo-Blood finals) and add to that established Pancrase names like Yuki Kondo and Kenji Arai and its a good night of fights.

Tonight was all about the Neo-Blood finals though (the main-event got cancelled). Fight of the night IMO went to Isao vs. Eizumi. An awesome fight were Isao dominated round 1 and Eizumi was the better in round 2.

Neo-Blood Tournament MVP went to Lightweight champion Steve Magdaleno! I have already said that I have been impressed by him, and this is someone most organizations should look at now! I hope to have an interview with him in the next couple of weeks (my second!!!!), send me questions if you have something you want to know about him (my e-mail is top right).

Yuki Kondo was undamaged after his fight and will most likely be in the Sengoku Middleweight GP next.

The Sengoku "sponsered" (not sure what it means) Maximo Blanco spoiled his chances to get an easy win by head-butting (accidental), then not breaking, THEN stomping his opponent. IMO he was lucky not to get a DQ in this fight. A very talented guy though.

Just on my comment on Maximo Blanco there, the head-butt happened during a takedown, TOTALLY accidental. It was this that lead to a cut, that in turn lead to the no-contest. It does not excuse the rest though, but it needs to be put straight. My original comment on this could be misleading.

There will be pictures shortly.

9. MW: Yuki Kondo Def. Ryuji Ohori by KO Round 2 2:41
8. FW: Kenji Arai Def. Manabu Inoue by Decision 3-0
7. BW: Seiya Kawahara Def. Kentaro Imaizumi by TKO (Cut) Round 1 2:09
6. LW: Yuichi Ikari Def. Eriya Matsuda by TKO (Cut) Round 2 4:09
5. WW: Masahiro Toryu Def. Tomoyoshi Iwamiya by Decision 2-0
4. LW: Maximo Blanco vs. Yuki Yashima No-Contest

Neo-Blood Finals:
3. Lightweight: Steve Magdaleno Def. Hiroki Aoki “AB” by TKO Round 1 4:47
2. Featherweight: Hirotoshi Saito Def. Yasutomo Tanaka by Decision 3-0
1. Bantamweight: Isao Hirose Def. Takuya Eizumi by Decision 3-0


Anonymous,  27 August 2008 at 18:59  

Good to hear Kondo won his fight without injury. I hope he does well in the Sengoku tournament.

Anonymous,  28 August 2008 at 10:33  

Wow, I didn't even realize that Kawahara was fighting lol. He's definately one of my favorite newer fighters!

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