CroCop answers Overeem - CroCop in DREAM 6

Friday 15 August 2008

Well, no one really thought the Overeem remark would go unanswered... And CroCop has answered. He does not want to answer Overeem directly, but still have a few words "But Alistair, you should save your strength for a real fight, because it's coming. When I see you in the opposite corner, then I'll talk."

The good news is that CroCop has recovered and is ready to fight on September 23. Like him, I dont really care who it is against. DREAM will deceide that one, but one thing is for sure, they need the ratings!

Nightmare of Battle have seen the DREAM 6 poster, on it is Sergei Kharitonov... How about Kharitonov vs. CroCop? Also on the poster are Akiyama and Jason Miller, could be the reserve fight...


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