Sengoku and DREAM DVD Sales

Saturday 30 August 2008

When I am going around Tokyo, I make a point of checking if shops have the Sengoku and DREAM DVDs. In the Pride days, most shops had some DVDs. These days its a bit different...

What is a but surprising is that I see the Sengoku DVD more than the DREAM DVDs. In fact, I have not seen the DREAM DVD on sale anywhere. DREAM have released 3 DVDs now, and the only place I have seen them, have been for rent. If you want to rent these DVDs, the Tsutaya in Roppongi (close to Wendy's) have all 3, map here: Tsutaya Roppongi

Once you are there, you can head over to the Tsutaya in Roppongi Hills, they have Sengoku 1 on sale: Tsutaya Roppongi Hills otherwise, I have seen the Sengoku DVD at HMV shops as well.


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