8/27 Pancrase Shining Tour - PICTURES

Saturday 30 August 2008

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Time for some pictures from the Pancrase event on Wednesday. As always a good event, Pancrase has of course gotten a new sponsor and I think we will see even further improvements over the next few events. This picture is from the fight between Isao Hirose (standing) and Takuya Eizumi in the Neo-Blood bantamweight final. Suzuki clearly won the 1st round with GnP, Narita the second. An awesome and close fight, in the end a Hirose came out on top.

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Hirotoshi Saito tries to choke out Yasutomo Tanaka in the dying seconds of the fight. Tanaka survived until the end, but lost a tooth during this choke. Saito won a deserved victory.

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Steve Magdaleno was much better than Hiroki Aoki in the Neo-Blood lightweight final. Winning the fight by TKO and being awarded the MVP, all up a good night for Steve.

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The winners of the Neo-Blood finals, from left: Hirotoshi Saito, Steve Magdaleno and Isao Hirose.

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Maximo Blanco realizes that he result of the fight might not be what he wanted, as the judges discuss the outcome.

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Masahiro Toryu (blue) and Tomoyoshi Iwamiya had a close fight. Iwamiya finished the fight better, but Toryu got a close decision.

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Eriya Matsuda had Satoru Kitaoka in his corner, but it did not help in this fight. Even though he got out of this mount against Yuichi Ikari...

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Even though he escaped the mount position, he soon found himself on the ground again. Ikari was efficient with the GnP and opened up a cut that lead to a TKO win. After the fight, Kitaoka went over to Ikari to offer some advise on how to improve his ground skills. Very interesting to see the sportsmanship there.

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Seiya Kawahara, like always, on the offensive against Kentaro Imaizuimi. A quick win for him, again the ref had to stop this fight due to cut.

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Kenji Arai got a decision win against Manabu Inoue.

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Ryuji Ohori sustained a cut in his fight against Yuki Kondo. The win was officially called a KO though.


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