8/24 Sengoku 4 - Live Play-by-Play

Sunday 24 August 2008

I will have the live PBP here starting at 4PM Japan time.

Looks like it should be a good event, for referance:
-Betting odds
-Results of my Poll
-Hwan Sung Pang and Mizuto Hirota videos
-Satoru Kitaoka Videos

The broadcast has started, expect there is a bit of talk before the fights start. Akihiro Gono is guest commentator (the first one, they keep changing). The GP is called "The Road to Gomi" during the intro.

Fighters are being introduced now, and we should be a few minutes away from the first fight. The place is looking kind of empty, but its not really started yet. Kitaoka looks ready, I think him vs. French might be fight of the night.

Very cool entry for the fighters of the main event, through a traditional Japanese gate. The intro for the first fight has started.

Xavier Ribeiro is presented as a Sengoku fighter. His Sengoku debut will be in Sengoku 5.

9. LW: Takanori Gomi vs. Hwang Seung Bang
Bang is in the ring. Both fighters are ready now.

Round 1.
Bang is good, but is he as good as Gomi? We will find out now. Good leg-kicks from Gomi, otherwise both fighters careful in the start. Bang swings, but is unable to hit. Gomi jabs well. but no big hits hitting any target yet. Both fighters get a punch in, but looks like Bang is the one getting damage, not from one punch rather small punches that are accurate (on his nose). Good round for Gomi, no takedowns this far.

Round 2.
starts much like the first. Gomi moving forward, Bang mostly back. Bang's left leg and area around his nose is read from the hits, but no real damage yet. The leg kicks are starting to show now. Bang has a takedown attempt, but turns into nothing. Bang with another takedown attemp, he is also trying some leg-kicks. Eventually Bang goes to the ground and Gomi follows, Gomi starts pounding and it looks like it might be over, but Bang gets up. Flying knee attempt from Gomi, but Bang blocks. The round is over.
Both rounds so far for Gomi.

Round 3.
Final round! Bang was very tired after the last round and he is backing at the start fo this round. Gomi tries some leg-kick again. The fight continues much like the first rounds, standing action. Bang has hit with a couple of punches, but Gomi hits much more. Bang is cut over his right eye. and he is looking very tired now. Gomi is going in for the big finish, but Bang defends well. There are some wild punches from both fighters in the last seconds, but it goes to decision. Bang is very tired. This should go to Gomi though. Gomi by decision 3-0

8. MW: Frank Trigg vs. Makoto Takimoto
Fighters are in the ring.

Round 1. Trigg comes out with a leg-kick. Takimoto gets the takedown. Takimoto in Trigg's guard. Trigg gets up and looks like he is much better while standing (as expected). Takimoto pulls Trigg down and Trigg is in Takimoto's guard. Sidecontrol for Trigg. He tries to mount but Takimoto turns and almost falls out of the ring. The ref stands them up, and Takimoto comes out swining. Nothing seems to hit Trigg who takes him down. Takimoto is able to get half guard. Round is finished, clearly in favor of Trigg.

Round 2. ROund has started. Trigg comes out with kicks, Takimoto with punches, wild start. Trigg takes Takimoto down and gets side control. T-ing off with knees then Trigg gets mount, but is pushed back to half guard then up in standing. Some heavy punches from Trigg on Takimoto who is trying upkicks (unsuccessfully). Takimoto gets up and hits with a good right, Trigg gets him to the ground, but Takimoto catches an arm and goes for a kimura. It is very close and Trigg is fighting to defend. Trigg gets out. and goes in Takimoto's guard. The round is over. Close round to Takimoto.

Round 3. Trigg takes the fight to the ground. Takimoto has half guard. Trigg is trying anything to change position, but Takimoto defends well. Takimoto goes for a leg and gets the right one, but Trigg gets out and Takimoto has guard again. The ref stand them up and both fighters start swinging. No punches seem to do really damage until Takimoto hits with a left hook. Trigg struggles, but takes Takimoto down again. Takimto as half guard, the round finishes. Trigg gets the decision.

7. Satoru Kitaoka vs. Clay French
For those who have been watching my site for a while know that I used to have a favorite fighter list. On that was Satoru Kitaoka, of course I think he will get this. It is his debut as this level though, and French is a very strong oppnent. The Japanese have done well today though.

Round 1. Its on. Kitaoka goes straight for a takedown ad gets it. Clay taps, achilles hold. One of the quickest sbmissions I have seen! 31 seconds. Kitaoka points to the fact that it has been said that the Japanese fighters are not that good anymore, but tonight might have proven otherwise.

6. Eiji Mitsuoka vs. Rodrigo Damm
Dont underestimate Mitsuoka, but Damm is a very strong fighter too. Fighters going to the ring now. Caol Uno is in Mitsuoka's corner.

Round 1. The fight has started. Fighter are measuring eachother before Mitusoka goes for a takedown. Damm in Mitsuoka's guard, trying to pass. He is almost past, but Mitsuoka is able to get back in control. The fighters stand up, and there are some wild punches. Mitusoka knocks Damm down and gets his back. Rear-naked choke for Mitsuoka. Damm taps! Like I said... Dont underestimate the Japanese in this GP, they have got some fighters with great talent! Even if they are not the biggest names in the business.

5. Kazunori Yokota vs. Bojan Kosednar
Fighters are in the ring.

Round 1. The fight has started. Bojan goes for a takedown and Yokota hits with lots of small punches, then Yokota gets the take down. Bojan gets up, and we are back to the standing fight again. Bojan goes for the takedown again, but Yokota gets his back. Not able to utilize and the fight is back up. Both fighters scamblig for the takedown, but Yokota gets it and is in Bojan's half guard. Bojan holds Yokota's head down and Yokota is unable to take advantage. The round ends like that. I would give the round to Yokota.

Round 2. Its started. Yokota looks better standing up, but Bojan is moving forward and is agressive. Bojan hits with a good right and goes for a takedown. Lowblow on Yokota in the clinch, and we have a short break. Bojan gets the takedown and almost Yokota's back. Yokota turns around and is in Bojan's guard now. Yokota is unable to do anything in Bojan's guard. Yokota gets some pounding in, but not much hits. The ref stands them up. Bojan gets a yellow card for not being agressive. Yokota gets the takedown, and Bojan's back. Bojan is abot to turn and is in mount. The round ends, and the yellow card probably makes this one go to Yokota as well. I dont agree with the card...

Round 3. First fight to go to the 3rd round. Yokota goes for the takedown, Bojan has a deep guilliotine that the ref breaks up!!! The ref gives Yokota a yellow card and probably saved him... The fight continues and Yokota hits with some good punches. Then there is a hard low blow. Bojan is in serious pain! I doubt this will continue. I am actually not sure who would go on in the GP... Looks like Bojan will continue, in pain though. Yellow to Yokota too. Bojan goes for takedown and Yokota eventually gets mount. Yokota gets Bojan's back, but Bojan just stands up, and we are back to a standing fight. A knee attempt from Yokota looks close, but Bojan defends well. Yokota is the better fighter now. Yokota gets the takedown, and Bojan looks a bit tired. I think Yokota will get this decision. Yokota by decision 3-0

4. Mizuto Hirota vs. Ryan Schultz
In my poll, Schultz was the CLEAR favorite, lets see how the IFL champ does against the Cage Force champ.

Round 1. Its on. Hirota is agressive in the start, but Schultz is up for the challenge. This will be war. Hirota is the one moving forward, but Schultz seems more in control. Low-kick from Hirota is answered with twice the power from Schultz. Hirota got a good punch in, but Schultz recovers. The low-kicks are hurting Hirota. It goes to the ground. Schultz in Hirota's guard. Hirota hits with an upkick and gets up. Schultz was in trouble, but gets Hirota to the ground again. This round should go to Schultz, but Hirota had a good end to it.

Round 2. This is developing into a very good fight. Schultz straight for the take down, but Hirota gets up easily. Schultz has good leg-kick, but seems like he wants the fight on the ground. Fighters trading punches, noone getting a real upper hand. Schultz continues to go for takedowns, but Hirota defends well. Lots of punches in this fight, Schultz goes for the big takedown, but ends up outside the ring. They stand up again. KO by Hirota!!!Schults goes for a big punch, and Hirota clocks him with a right superman punch. Schultz folds. The BIG favorite is OUT! Dont underestimate Hirota!

3. HW: Yang Dong Yi Def. Pavel Nastula
I have to say, from this point on, it picks up. 2 spectacular fights to start us off though. Yang's background is wrestling (just a note from the commentators).

Round 1. The return of Nastula... The fight has started. Natsula goes for the takedown. Yang defends and it is a careful start here. Yang moves forward and Nastula goes for takedowns. A kick from Yang hits the cup of Natsula and we have a short break. The first kick to hit anything in this fight... A BIG knee to the cup of Natsula AGAIN! Yellow card to Yang. It should be about 1:30 left of round 1. It started again. Wild swings/slaps from Yang, nothing hits and Natsula goes into clinch. Round is up, and it goes to Natsula.

Round 2. 2nd round has started. Yang gets Natsula to the ground. Nastula gets up but looks in trouble. He recovers, but Yang takes him down again. Yang in Natstulas guard now. Armbar attempt by Natula, but Yang escapes. Natstula is complaining of pain in the groin. and the ref calls it!!! WORST DECISION EVER!!! Ref is saying Nastula did not stand up when he called "Break" hence a TKO for Yang. To me, it looks like the nuts of Natsula was still hurting from round 1 and he got one caught up during the armbar attempt... Natsula will he back!
A very controversial stoppage,

2. HW: Moise Rimbon vs. Peter Graham
Rolling Thunder (Graham) says he has added ground game, lets see... Moise is making his way to the ring.

Round 1.The fight has started, looks like the crowd has come in too. Peter hits with the first punch and Moise goes for the take-down. Graham avoids it and the fight is still standing. Graham goes forward swining, but Rimbon is able to avoid by backing up. Rimbon is going for takedowns, Graham is able to step away for the time being. Finally Rimbon gets Graham down, mounts with ease, but the round is over before he can do any damage.Very close round. I give it to Rimbon based on the last 10 seconds...

Round 2. big overhand punch by Rimbon and Graham goes down. It goes to the ground, Rimbon t-ing off. He gets Graham's back and chokes him until Graham taps. Rimbon by rear-naked choke.

1. HW: Valentijn Overeem vs. Kazuo Takahashi
The traditional Japanese gates are used for the fighter entrances, a very nice way to enterance.

Round 1: The fight has started. Takahashi goes for the takedown and gets it. Overeem tries a guilliotine, but Takahashi gets out. Is in Overeems half-guard now. Overeem gets up and is much better in the stand-up. BIG knee by Overeem and the fight is over. BIG KO win to Overeem.

1. HW: Valentijn Overeem Def. Kazuo Takahashi by KO round 1
2. HW: Moise Rimbon Def. Peter Graham by Rear-naked Choke Round 2
3. HW: Yang Dong Yi Def. Pavel Nastula by TKO Round 2 (controversial)

Lightweight GP:
4. Mizuto Hirota Def. Ryan Schultz by KO round 2
5. Kazunori Yokota Def. Bojan Kosednar Decision 3-0
6. Eiji Mitsuoka Def. Rodrigo Damm by Rear-naked Choke Round 1
7. Satoru Kitaoka Def. Clay French by achilles hold Round 1 0:31

8. MW: Frank Trigg Def. Makoto Takimoto by Decision 3-0
9. LW: Takanori Gomi Def. Hwang Seung Bang by decision 3-0


Anonymous,  24 August 2008 at 12:15  

Gomi's opponent is Bang Seung-hwan, Bang is his last name...

Borre 24 August 2008 at 12:26  

Sorry, always have problems with Korean names. Will try to remember that.

Borre 24 August 2008 at 12:27  

Pretty sure Sherdog has updated his name, actually. I try to keep it consistant with them. :)

I am sure you're right though.

Anonymous,  24 August 2008 at 13:33  

While I really appreciate getting the Japanese pbp on your site, it is super frustrating to read your commentary in reverse order.

As you update your pbp, you add the paragraphs on the top rather than on the bottom so when I click on a particular fight, the first thing I read is Fighter A KO'd Fighter B (or whatever), then I see round 3, round 2 and round 1 in that order.

If I can't see the fights real time, I still like the build up of reading the commentary round by round and then finding out who won. If you could simply go top to bottom (like every other pbp does) rather than bottom to top it would make reading your pbp so much better.

Thanks a lot

Anonymous,  24 August 2008 at 13:33  

While I really appreciate getting the Japanese pbp on your site, it is super frustrating to read your commentary in reverse order.

As you update your pbp, you add the paragraphs on the top rather than on the bottom so when I click on a particular fight, the first thing I read is Fighter A KO'd Fighter B (or whatever), then I see round 3, round 2 and round 1 in that order.

If I can't see the fights real time, I still like the build up of reading the commentary round by round and then finding out who won. If you could simply go top to bottom (like every other pbp does) rather than bottom to top it would make reading your pbp so much better.

Thanks a lot

Anonymous,  24 August 2008 at 13:35  

Sherdog got it right... they got him under Bang Seung-hwan as well... you don't get Japanese names mixed up?

Borre 24 August 2008 at 13:36  

Good point Nepal,

Will change that.

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