Tanigawa on the DREAM TV-Deal

Saturday 23 August 2008

For those who remeber, Tanigawa (DREAM Producer) httsaid in an interview earlier that DREAM could not continue with the current TV-Ratings. There was of course a lot of feedback in relation to that interview, and Kamipro have interviewed him again in relation to the future of DREAM and Pride.

Gryphon posted a short summary and for those who read Japanese, here is a small part of the interview. The complete interview is in the paper edition of Kamipro.

Among the things said:
-Tanigawa looks back on the success of Pride, it is clear that Fuji TV was a big part of that success. Pride was not just a hit with MMA fans in Japan, but also with the normal Japanese TV crowd.

-They have looked into the possibility of surviving on pure PPV income, like the UFC have done. But there is a huge difference between the US and the Japanese market in relation to the income one can expect from PPV.

Thats just a quick summary, and not directly translated. Let's hope the ratings improve and DREAM survives.


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