8/16 Gladiator - Results

Saturday 16 August 2008

The only place I have seen the results are on Nightmare of Battle, so here are the results from their site. http://nightmareofbattle.wordpress.com/2008/08/16/gladiator-results-korea-crushes-japan/

Don Frye returned to Japan to face Minowaman, but did not manage to get the win...

Ikuhisa Minowa def. Don Frye by Kneebar Round 1 3:56
K-1-Rule: Hiromi Amada def. Gary Goodridge by Decision 3-0
K-1-Rule: Jan Nortje def. Tom Erikson by KO Round 1 1:05

CMA KPW Open-Weight Title Match:
Eun Soo Lee def. Daijiro Matsui by Decision 3-0

K-1-Rule: Tsuyoshi Yokoyama def. Marcelo Nascimento by Decision 3-0

Japan vs. Korea
Sang Su Lee def. Shamoji Fujii by TKO Round 1 4:36
Jutaro Nakao def. Yong Fun Lee by TKO Round 2 2:26
Jong Jang Song(?) def. Michihiro Omigawa by Decision 3-0
Min Suk Heo def. Hikaru Sato by TKO Round 1 1:08
Kim Tae Kyung(?) def. Akihiko Mouri by Decision 3-0

K-1-Rule: Keigo Takamori def. Bernard Ackah by KO Round 1 1:30
K-1-Rules: Yuki Tanaka def. Perushan Mos(?) by Decision (Split)
Yusuke Sakashita def. Minoru Kato by TKO Round 2 4:43


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