10/26 Pancrase Shining Tour - Welterweight Tournament Announced

Monday 29 September 2008

Pancrase have added a welterweight tournament to their event on October 26 in Differ Ariake. The goal is to fill the vacant King of Pancrase welterweight spot. The final is scheduled for the December 7 event also held in Differ Ariake. Intrim champion, Takayuki Wada is not in the tournament, the winner of the tournament will face him in the spring for the King of Pancrase title. In other words, the winner will earn the right to face Wada for the title.

Welterweight Tournament Semi-Finals
Asaki Honda 4-2-1 vs. 5-3-2 Hiroyuki Nozawa
Tomoyoshi Iwamiya 4-7-0 vs. 5-2-2 "Strasser" Kiichi Kunimoto

Previously announced:

Takuya Wada 17-8-8 vs. 6-3-3 Masahiro Toryu
Takuya Eizumi 2-1-0 vs. 1-2-0 Takayuki Hirayasu
Yuichi Ikari 10-4-3 vs. 2-3-0 Yukio Sakaguchi
Kenji Arai 13-12-2 vs. 9-5-7 Tashiro Akai (Name changed from Nishiuchi)
Takafumi Ito 33-26-11 vs. 7-10-6 Takaichi Hirayama


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