8/30 ClubDEEP Kyoto - RESULTS

Wednesday 3 September 2008

The results from the ClubDEEP event in Kyoto. Unfortunately, I was not there, so dont know how the exhibition fight between Ikemoto and Mishima went.

Sorry, there are many names I am unsure about on this card...

Tomoyuki Fukami vs. Takahiro Kajita Draw 1-0
Ken Hamamura Def. 金亨柱 (?) 1R 2'40" TKO (Towel thrown)
Seichi Ikemoto vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima Exhibition, no result
Yoshiyume Chodo Def. Miyamonta 1R 4'02" アームロック
姜範讚 (?) Def. Marcello Nakamura 2R 4'56" TKO
Makoto Kamaya Def. Hiroto Decision 2-0
Toku Kondo (?) Def. Richardo Augusto (?) 1R 1'26" Arm-lock
Yasuaki Kishimoto Def. Tetsuya Fukunaga 2R 0'49" Rear-naked choke

Opening Fights
Masahiko Kamiji vs. Noriyuki (?) Takeuchi Draw 1-0
Yusuke Hoshiko Def. Hiroki Kaneyama Decision 2-0
Takashi (?) Itani Def. James Yokote Decision 3-0
Mamoru Uoi vs. Hirokazu Ishii Draw 0-0


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