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Saturday 27 September 2008

It is an extremely busy weekend, and I was planning to get to the Cage Force event tonight. Unfotunately, I wont get there, so I was looking for other things to do. As luck has it, K-1 is holding an awesome event in Korea today. They are broadcasting it live on SkyPerfect (channel 739), so I will give you live updates of what happens there.

It startes at 5PM Japan time, to make it easier I have added a clock on the top right showing Japan time (please let me know if the clock is showing you the time where you are!).

This is the World GP Final 16, so this card is stacked with stars and good fights. The main for the Korean fans will be the return of Hong Man Choi, and he is facing non other than Badr Hari today! It will be interesting to see how Choi handles that in his return to the ring.

The card tonight looks like this and I will post the live updates here.

The broadcast has started, but expect it will take a few minutes before the action starts.

1. Opening Fight: Keijiro Maeda vs. Min Ho Song
Fight not broadcast

2. Opening Fight: Zabit Samedov vs. Fabiano Da Silva
Fight not broadcast

3. Opening Fight: Yong Soo Park vs. Randy Kim
Round 1
Randy Kim comes out with some very strong leg-kicks. Gaining confidence, he moves in behind straight punches. Park is being hit with some strong punches but stands his ground for now. The bell rings and Park is clearly tired. Kim also took some punches, but the round clearly to Randy Kim.

Round 2
Park starts this round better, but Randy Kim comes back and Park turns his back. Park takes a standing count and the ref stops it. Park looks confused, TKO win to Randy Kim. Replay shows that it is the leg kicks that makes Park turn his back.

4. Final 16: Rusland Karaev vs. Chalid "Die Faust"
Round 1
Time for the first fight in the GP, this should be a very good fight.
Karaev storms out and forces "Die Faust" back. "Die Faust" fights back but Karaev gets the best of the initial exchange. As the inital attack finishes, "Die Faust" is able to fight back and Karaev is the first to take count half way through the round. Very exciting first round with Karaev attempting several back kicks.

Round 2
Starts with "Die Faust" working some leg kicks. It looks like "Die Faust has the upper hand, then Karaev hits with a left that sends him to the ground half way through the round. Karaev can see the finish now, and Die Faust goes down again. The ref starts the fight again, but Die Faust is done. The ref waives of the fight, but forgets to stop the fighters. Die Faust goes down again, but does not seem to be injured.

5. Final 16: Jerome LeBanner vs. Junichi Sawayashiki
Round 1
Time for a rematch between these two fighters that had a very good fight in Yokohama March last year. On that occation Sawayashiki got out on top after a decision win.

LeBanner comes out and takes his position in the middle of the ring chasing Sawayashiki. So far its all LeBanner. Half way through the round Sawayashiki is trying some leg kicks, but this round belongs to LeBanner. He even manages to taunt Sawayashiki in the end. Clear round for LeBanner, but Sawayashiki has done well not to go down.

Round 2
LeBanner looks very determined at the start of round 2, which starts like the last one. After the inital charge Sawayashiki is starting to fight back. Still LeBanner with the upper hand though. LeBanner using more kicks now, then he hits with punches. The following highkick sends Sawayashiki to the ropes the following punches makes him take count. The bell rings and the round goes clearly to LeBanner again.

Round 3
LeBanner is very confident and it opens him a bit, LeBanner gets hit with a few punches but he is still in control. Sawayashiki gets more into the fight in this round as LeBanner gets tired, but this should be a revenge for LeBanner. LeBanner gets the decision 3-0

6. Final 16: Ray Sefo vs. Gokhan Saki
Gokhan Saki is a relatively new name for me, but I know he is a muay thai world (2003) and european (2002) champion. He will turn 25 next month, so a relatively young fighter taking on the very experienced Ray Sefo.

Round 1
Fight starts off with both fighters going for leg kicks. A back kick from Saki sends Sefo to the ground, but no count is taken and looks like there is minimal damage. A strong leg kick from Sefo hits well, but hard to tell it there was any damage. The bell rings for a tight round, I would give it to Saki.

Round 2
Saki is more active with kick where as Sefo is trying to close the distance to get some punches in. Sefo seems to get a better distance in this round, Saki is not able to get as many kicks in. Sefo with good body shots, Saki looks like he is hurt then gets a chance some kicks just as the bell rings. I would give this round to Sefo.

Round 3
Sefo is taunting Saki now. He clearly feels confiedent, and is chasing Saki. Saki fights back though, again with leg kicks followed by hooks. Sefo is so confident he drops his guard. A knee from Saki hits Sefo in the mid section, but Sefo keeps coming. It looked like Sefo was hurt at the end of the round, but hard to know if he was taunting or really hurt.

The judges score it a draw and we will have an extention round.

Extention round
Ray Sefo looks like he is taking extra time in the break here. He looks very tired in this round and the leg kicks from Saki is hitting the thigh again. Action is much slower in this round and Saki looks like he is in charge here. Sefo's legs are clearly hurting. Sefo is stumbling in the ring now, Saki will get this round unless there is a miracle. The bell sounds and this should be a decision win for Saki.

Gokhan Saki gets the decision 3-0

7. Final 16: Glaube Feitosa vs. Errol Zimmerman
Errol Zimmerman, another talent coming out of the Netherlands. The 23 year old fighter beat Bjorn Bregy and Zabit Samedov to claim the World GP title in Amsterdam earlier this year.

Round 1
Feitosa hits with a good body kick. The fighter are still feeling eachother out, Feitosa looks more comfortable at the moment though. Feitosa has Zimmerman on the ropes and tries to finish with a highkick, but it is blocked and seems to wake Zimmerman who fihgts back. A flurry of punches from Zimmerman forces Feitosa to take count and Zimmerman gets this round.

Round 2
Feitosa does not looks fresh coming out and Zimmerman hits Feitosa with a taste of his own medicine, a left highkick. Feitosa still standing though, but looks like a matter of time. A straight right from Zimmerman sends Feitoas to the ropes again but he is able to recover and fihgts back. Somehow Feitosa is still fighting back. Then a right hits from Zimmerman again, the following punches forces a staning count again. Zimmerman is not able to stop Feitosa in this round, but we will see if Feitosa comes out for more... He looks very tired as he is led to his corner.

Round 3
Feitosa comes out and starts off with some kicks, but when Zimmerman starts his attack Feitosa looks tired again and is backing up. Feitosa tries a highkick, but there is no power. Feitosa is still fighting and Zimmerman is looking tired too now. Feitosa with a last attempt, he has Zimmerman on the ropes and is hitting with body punches and uppercuts. Zimmerman should get the decision, but Feitosa finished strong.

Zimmerman gets the decision 3-0

8. Final 16: Remy Bonjasky vs. Paul Slowinski
Round 1
Paul takes position in the middle of the ring and is puching he action initially. Then Remy comes back with a knee attempt that makes the Japanese commentators overreact. Leg kicks from the Aussie, but then Remy gets a knee in that seems to damage Slowinski. Bonjasky tries to follow up, but Slowinski defends well. The round ends and I would give it to Bonjasky.

Round 2
Slowinski starts the round better, has some good hooks and uppercuts. Bonjasky comes back, the highkick attempts does not hit the target, but entertains the crowd. Bonjasky moves forward with hooks and uppercuts. Followed by a knee attempt. Slowinski is able to fight back, and there is no clear winner of this round, I would give it to Bonjasky though.

Round 3
Looks like Slowinski is fresher in this round, has Bonjasky on the ropes now. Bonjasky is very tired, even turns his back as he is puches back on the ropes. Slowinski is unable to capitalize and Bonjasky fights back. As the ine of the round comes, both fighters are tired and throwing everything at their opponent. I would give the fight to Bonjasky, lets see if the judges agree.

Remy Bonjasky gets the decision 2-0

9. Final 16: Ewerton Teixeira vs. MUSASHI
Ewerton Teixeira is on a very strong run, winning the World GP in Fukuoka coming into this fight, can Musashi stop him?

Round 1
Musashi circling. Teixeira is the agressor initially, but no damage so far. He seems to beat Musashi to the punch all the time though. Teixeira hist with a body kick hook combination at the end of the round. Round to Teixeira.

Round 2
Teixeira is continuing to move forward and Musashi is warned for holding. Musashi is not able to find his distance. Musashi get yellow for holding. Good highkick from Teixeira, but Musashi continues to hold and is warned again. A flurry of punches from Teixeira as the round finishes, it looked like Musashi blocked one of them, but a left definitely hit the target. Clear round to Teixeira.

Round 3
Left jab hits straight off from Teixeira. Both fighters are throwing combinations after that and the crowd really gets into it. Teixeira is hitting with leg kicks, but Musashi's counter punches are also hitting. Both fighters throwing combinations as the round ends, Musashi slightly more desperate. This fight should go to Teixeira, Musashi might have won the last round though.

Teixeira gets the decision 3-0

10. Final 16: Badr Hari vs. Hong Man Choi
Hong Man Choi makes his return against Badr Hari. This should be a good test for how his recovery is going. I was not expecting him to return against Hari, lets see how Hari deals with an opponent as large as Choi. It is reported that Choi has lost 20kg following the surgery.

Round 1
Choi has definately lost weight, so far Hari is the agressive fighter. Legkicks from Hari, when he moves closer Choi hits him with a straight and Hari deceides to keep better distance. The legkicks are doing damage, but Choi is throwing strong punches to. Not a action packed round. I would give it to Hari, sho is cut over his right eye.

Round 2
Choi's counters are dangerou and when Hari moves in, Choi hits with a left that sends Hari down. Hari has to take count. The fight is back on, and Hari should know now that he cant move in... Hari's kicks are largly unanswered. The bell rings as Hari was moving forward again, Choi did not answer this time. Still round to Choi.

Round 3
Not much happening in the opening. Hari keeping his distance and this might be going towards extention. Choi hits with another good right that looks like it damaged Hari a bit. Hari is hiting iwht more punches, but Choi's seems to do more damage. Body punches from Hari has turned Choi's side red, Choi looks tired now and the guard is going down. Hari more agressive as the round ends. Round should go to Hari, and if it goes to extention Hari should have the upper hand.

Judges score 1 for Choi and 2 draw. We will have extention. It should be said that the Korean fans was buuhing when the one umpire gave his decision to Choi.

Hong Man Choi gives up before the round starts. Looks like the damage to the body wsa too much. The Japanese commentators are saying it was doctor stop, but the corner through the towel. I am not sure, but Hari is the winner.

I think it was a strong return for Choi, it is not easy coming back like he has and I am impressed. He will be part of the K-1 scene going forward too. Pretty sure we will see him on NYE.

11. Final 16: Semmy Schilt vs. Peter Aerts
Can Peter Aerts beat Semmy Schilt? He holds one win over him ,but it is from 2006. After that Schilt has beaten Aerts twice.

Round 1
Aerts is wasting no time and pushes Schilt back with punches. Schilt regains his composure, and tries a knee. Looks like Schilt is in control now. A strong legkick from Schilt makes Areats lose his balance. But Aerts is still throwing good punches and Schilt is hiting with good counters. The round finishes and I would give it to Aerts, just think he hit more even if Schilt never was in danger.

Round 2
Aerts comes out again throwing punches. Schilt looks like he is uncomfortable with an opponent as agressive as Aerts here. Schilt is able to get clinch and knee from there, but Aerts is really pushing the action here. He has Schilt in danger for a second, but Schilt recovers. A highkick form Schilt seems to damage Aerts, looks like he lost focus and was at a wrong distance for a second, it was enough. Aerts is very tired as the round ends. I would give the round to Aerts again, first round was closer than this.

Round 3
Schilt hits with a few straigth punches at the opening of the round. Aerts fights back and scores with some good punches. Aerts continues to push forwards but is clearly tired now. Shilt is getting some good punches in and are clearly the fresher fighter at this point. Aerts hits with a couple of strong punches in the end of the round though. I think we have an upset.

Decision to Aerts 2-0!!!


Anonymous,  27 September 2008 at 16:21  

all hail to peter aerts

Borre 27 September 2008 at 16:23  

A good and surprising win. He really was agressive from the start and earned the win.

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