9/12 Shoot Boxing - Phantom Shinya out!

Tuesday 2 September 2008

Japanese Shoot Boxing champion Phantom Shinya was injured during training. He broke a bone in the face (from what I can translate) during training and the title-fight is off.

Taking his place will be Akito Sakimura.

Fight changed:
Akito Sakimura vs. Noriyuki Enari

10. Main Event: 70Kg S-Cup Rule 5x3min (Unlimited Extention)
Hiroki Shishido vs. Kenji Kanei

9. Expert Rule 3x3min (Unlimited Extention)
Kenichi Ogata vs. Jason Scerri

8. SB Japan Super-Bantam 5x3min (Unlimited Extention)
Akito Sakimura vs. Noriyuki Enari

7. Expert Class Rule 3x3min 60kg (Unlimited Extention)
Takeshi (or Tsuyoshi) Ishikawa VS Crazy Hill

6. Expert Class Rule 3x3min 72kg (Unlimited Extention)
Takaaki Umeno vs. Tsuyoshi Torii

5. Freshman Class Rule 60kg 3x3min (2 rounds extention)
Takanori Fujiwara vs. 島田Kouya (?) Shimada

4. Starting Class Rule 51kg 3x2min (1 round extention)
Misato Tomita vs. TBD

3. Starting Class Rule 55kg 3x2min (1 round extention)
Kazuyuki Fushimi vs. Hideo Iwasaki

2. Starting Class Rule 65kg 3x2min (1 round extention)
Hiroaki Suzuki vs. Yoshiki Harada

1. Starting Class Rule 55kg 3x2min (1 round extention)
Tomonori Suzuki vs. 豊慶 (?) Osawa


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