Saturday 27 September 2008

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DREAM kicked off their 6th event with the Middleweight reserve fight. Yoon Dong Sik was the favorite here, but Andrews Nakahara pulled out the surprise win. It has to be said that Nakahara had a lot of fans in the audience, most likely due to his karate background rather than his MMA debut fight.

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The second fight was Mousasi against Manhoef. I expected Manhoef to come out swinging for the fences, but he never really got going. Mousasi was all over him on the ground and pulled out a spectaturlar (much due to Manhoef's strength) triange choke submission. Manhoef has later announced that he will retire from MMA, but seems more to spend time with his family than disapointment.

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Jacare was able to take Galesic to the ground quickly, once there he wasted no time in getting mount. Galesic showed a lot of strength in being able to turn the mount, but then he had to deal with Jacare's guard. Jacare was able to secure a quick armbar.

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K-Taro made his return to MMA and Japan against Krazy Bee's BJJ coach, Adriano Martins. The fight went the distance, but K-Taro was the better fighter in the end.

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Kharitonov was meant to face Mighty Mo, but due to injury DREAM had to find a very late replacement. Up stepped Jimmy Ambriz. Taking a fight against Kharitonov on such short notice shows a lot of courage, but he was outclassed in this fight.

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The fight I had the highest expectations for was Yamamoto vs. Tokoro. Tokoro has a string of very entertaining wins in DREAM now, but this one he was not able to take Yamamoto to the ground as much as he wanted.

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Once on the ground, he was close to securing an armbar, but Yamamoto was saved by the bell. The fight went the distance and Yamamoto took the decision. A strong performance by the Krazy Bee fighter.

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Minowa made his signature entry. Facing him this time was the old Pro-Wrestler and Pancrase veteran, Funaki.

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Funaki pulled out something that a lot of people would view as an upset, but Minowa's form lately has not been great. Funaki won by a heel-hook, or was it a toe-hold?

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Akiyama will never be finished appologizing... But it makes for a good entry, so I think he almost does it more for show now...

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His opponent today was the relatively inexperienced Masannori Tonooka. Akiyama was able to do pretty much as he wanted.

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He secured a quick win by armbar.

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Aoki faced the American wrestler Todd Moore. It went as you would expect, Aoki was able to wrap Moore up pretty quickly. Looked like he was going for a rear-naked choke, but in the end the winning submission was a neck crank.

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There were glimmers of the old Crocop, but he did not seem to threaten Overeem too much. Overeem hit Crocop with an accidental knee to the groin and the fight ended in a no contest. But until that point there was little doubt that Overeem had Crocop on the ropes. Hopefully Crocop recovers so we can see a re-match.

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The Middleweight final was between Jacare and Mousasi. Jacare took Mousasi down, but Mousasi does have a good guard. Jacare got careless diving in and Mousasi hit him with a well placed upkick. KO win for Mousasi and he is the DREAM middleweight champion.

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Mousasi was the big winner on the night, but now comes the big question about DREAM's future.

Just on a side note, any ring girl pictures will from now be posted here: http://japanese-ringgirls.blogspot.com/


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