10/23 DEEP 38 Impact

Friday 19 September 2008

DEEP has announced the first fights for their DEEP Impact 38. It looks like it will be a very good card again. There are no title-fights so far (looks like the Satoko Shinashi fight is a non-title fight), but there are some good fights and with the participants announced it looks very promising.

Yusuke Kawaguchi went through the MegaTon GP without much trouble (one fight was a split decision, the rest were mismatches). After winning the title, he said that fighting in DREAM was the... well, dream... Lets see what Saeki has planned for him. I hope it is someone good.

Also participating are Ryuta Sakurai and Riki Fukuda.

Daiki Hata "DJ Taiki" 8-5-3 vs. 15-7-2 Naoya Uematsu
Masanori Kanehara 10-4-5 vs. 6-3-1 Takafumi Otsuka
Satoko Shinashi 28-2-2 vs. 4-13-0 Yukiko Seki
Seigo Mizuguchi 3-3-0 vs. 2-1-0 Shunji Kosaka

Ryuta Sakurai 17-14-4
Riki Fukuda 11-4-0
Yasuhito Namekawa 24-16-3
Yusuke Kawaguchi 7-0-0
Eiji Ishikawa 16-14-3
Toshikazu Iseno "ISE" 5-4-2
Sojiro Orui 5-2-4


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