1/18 Shooto Tradition 5 - LIVE Results

Sunday 18 January 2009

Shooto is putting on an awesome event in Differ Ariake today. Hopefully people have recovered after staying up half the night (in my case) watching the UFC. This card might not compete with the names on the UF card, but for Shooto fans and fans of Japanese MMA, there is plenty of stories to get into on this card.

I have broken down the 2 main fights here

In addition to those fights, it is worth mentioning a few fighters:
"KODO" is a very talented guy with only 2 losses. One of those was stepping in on 1-2 days notice in DREAM to face Joseph Benavidez in DREAM 5. And I guess it was his 15 minutes of fame so far in his career, but I expect to hear from this guy again.

Akihiro Yamazaki, this guy is SERIOUSLY talented. At 20, he has had 13 fights and lost 2, to Kenji Arai and Yoshiyuki Yoshida!I am predicting a tough debut for a Korean fighter that I dont know the name of.

From a very talented fighter, to a very experienced fighter, Jin Akimoto is as experienced as they get in Shooto. The 38 year old veteran has had a hard 4 years, not winning since May 2002, when he took 2 years off. Returning in 20004, and not winning since... Thats 9 (!) fights without tasting victory. He has fought top fighters though, and I hope he can break the trend today.

With that, the event starts at 4 Japan time. There will be spoilers if you read on after that! As always at the events, my focus will be enjoying the fights and taking pictures. I will post results and some quick comments only. More when I get home.

The event is kicking off. The fighters are being presented.

1. Fly: Sakae Kasuya Def. Tomonori Taniguchi by Decision 3-0
Kasuya was dominating the ground game except for a short period in tbe 2nd when Taniguchi got some good gnp going. A solid win by Kasuya, who was really close to finishing by triangle.

2. Middle: Akihiro Yamazaki Def. Jun Yong Jae Round 2 1:39
The Korean debutant kept the fight standing in Round 1, and was dominating until the last seconds when Yamazaki finally got a takedown.
Round 2 the Korean fighter hits with a huge right that brings Yamazaki to the ground. Jun follows up, buut on the ground Yamazaki is god and quickly secures an armbar, or is it a triangle... Either way, Jun taps.

3. Feather: Junya Kudo "KODO" Def. Takahiro Hosoi by KO ROund 2 0:34
"KODO" wsa dominating the stnad up and Hosoi was not able to take the flurries. A strong punch hit the button and Hosoi was not getting up.

4. Bantam: Ayumu "Gozo" Shioda Def. Jin Akimoto by Decision 3-0
Akimoto cant buy a win at the moment...

In the break it is announced that Rumina Sato will fight in Shoot Boxing February 11. Not Sengoku or DREAM tournaments as it has been rumored. A new adventure for Rumina!

5. Light: Shintaro Ishiwatari vs. Michihiro Omigawa DRAW
Omigawa has some experienced support in his corner, includint Ryo Chonan and Kazuhiro Nakamura. Round 1 went to Omigawa, the fight was kept standing and no one managed to secure the advantage. Awesome fight so far!! Easily the fight of the night so far ends in a draw.

6. Light: Hiroshi "Iron" Nakamura Def. Hayate Usui by Decision 3-0
Fight was mainly standing and Nakamura was the better fighter.

7. Bantam: Shinichi "BJ" Kojima vs. Jesse Taitano DRAW 0-1
Fight was mainly kept standing in Round 1, BJ had 1 takedown but was unable to capitilize. The ref stood it up and Jess was contronlling on the feet.
The 2nd round was close, I would give it to Jess, BJ got a takedown at the end. I would give it to Jess, still I have a feeling it will be a draw...

The judges scored the fight 1 for Jess Taitano, 2 draws. This was close and I think Jess will be back in Japan.

8. Main Event - Welter: Yusuke Endo vs. Kotetsu Boku DRAW
1st round was close, probably the way of Boku. Boku started the 2nd fresh, but Endo had the upper hand on the ground in the 2nd. At this point it is a very close fight.

In the 3rd, I feel like Boku was doing most of the defending. This will be a close fight, and a very good one!

The judges score it Boku 1, Draw 2


Anonymous,  18 January 2009 at 07:22  

Awesome Event. I can't wait.

Borre 18 January 2009 at 10:51  

Been good, and Rumina in Shoot Boxing will be interesting,.

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