Getting There: Differ Ariake/Ariake Colosseum

Monday 12 January 2009

I have been planning this for a while, and since my time in Japan might be running out I thought it was time to get it done.

The goal for me when I set up this blog, was to help people who come to Japan and wanted to see MMA events. Key in that, is of course getting to the venues.

So, my goal is to make a description on how to get to the most common arenas used in Tokyo.

Differ Ariake is one of the more used and popular venues. Organizations like the UFC have held events there, but it is most commonly used by Cage Force. This month Shooto is holding an event there too. The arena can take about 1,200 spectators. It is located next to Ariake Colosseum as well, so this explaination can be used for both.

For my explanations, I will start at Akihabara. I think it is a place most tourists also are familiar with.

Differ Ariake is one of the more out of the way venues they hold events, but getting there is not that hard.

I will use my preferred way (there is another, but it is a bit more complicated to explain).

Take the JR Yamanote line, and you dont need to get to Akihabara to do that, to Shinbashi station. The "Yamanote line" is the bright green line, the blue line might work too, but some times of the day it might not stop at Shinbashi.

Get off at Shinbashi station.

From Shinbashi station, you need to get the "Yurikamome" line to "Ariake Tennis no Mori".

The Shidome Exit will take you to the "Yurikamome" station. The blue logo is the one for "Yurikamome".

And this is what the enterance to the station looks like.

Station 13 is Ariake Tennis no Mori, get off there.

You should be able to see Differ Ariake after you have passed the ticket gates, it is on the right. You can also get to the Ariake Colosseum, as you can see behind Differ Ariake.

You need to enter Differ Ariake from the opposite side, the enterance looks like this:


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