2/28 Shooto Gig Tokyo Vol. 1 - Fights Announced

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Shooto announced the start of a new "tour" on Sunday. It is an extention of the "Gig" tours. This time they are adding "Gig Tokyo" to the gig's they already have (North, Central, West etc.). The first Gig Tokyo event will be held in Shinjuku Face Saturday 28.

There are already a few interesting fights added to this card. Ganjo Tantsuku is currently ranked #3 in the Shooto welterweight division. He has had 3 losses in his career, and this time he gets a chance to re-match the first fighter to defeat him in professional Shooto. Kenichiro Togashi defeated Tentsuku by deceision in their last encounter almost 4 years ago. Since then, Togashi has only won once but he has faced fighters such as Mitsuhiro Ishida, Joachim Hansen and Yusuke Endo to name a few. This should be a good fight and I am guessing it might be the main event.

Welter (A): Ganjo Tentsuku 9-3-2 vs. 7-6-5 Kenichiro Togashi
Welter (B): Komei Okada vs. 5-8-1 vs. 2-4-3 Shinobu Miura

Rookie Tournament Fights:
Welter: Junpei Konno vs. Yohei Ota
Welter: Yoshio Tokuhisa vs. Koji Nishioka
Welter: MIKE vs. Fumihiko Kawamura
Feather: Yuki Yasunaga vs. Yoshihiko Matsumoto
Bantam: 保貴 (?) Ishigami vs. Yuya Kaneuchi


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