2/23 K-1 World Max -Japan Tournament Match-ups Announced

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Yesterday FEG announced the fighters for the K-1 World Max Japan Tournament. Today they have announced the match-ups that will be the first round in this 1-Day tournament. In addition to that, the reserve fight was also announced.

The big fight in the 1st. round is the match-up between Kohirumaki and Ologun. But this tournament is full of talent. I have a feeling Yasuhiro Kido will take home the title this year as well. Last year he won the Japan Tournament and made it all the way to the final 8, where he lost to Artur Kyshenko.

"Dida" seems to have been taken off the list of participants, he was announced last year and I dont know if it is just a misuderstanding. I will take him off to have the list consistant with what is reported in the Japanese media. I hope he fights though!

Japan Tournament 1st. round fights, all rounds are 3x3min with 1 round extention if draw:
1. Nagajima☆Jienotsu☆Juichiro vs. HAYATO
2. TATSUJI vs. Yuya Yamamoto
3. Yasuhiro Kido vs. Hinata Watanabe
4. Andy Ologun vs. Taishin Kohirumaki

Semi-finals (winners will face off in the final):
Winner fight 1 vs. Winner fight 2
Winner fight 3 vs. Winner fight 4

Reserve fight:
Keiji Ozaki vs. Yasuhito Shirasu

Superfight (no extention round):
Hiroya vs. Kizaemon Saiga

Other participants:
Yoshihiro Sato
Kozo Takeda
Daisuke Uematsu
Shingo Garyu
Hiroyuki Owatari


Unknown 14 January 2009 at 17:02  

Hey MMA-Japan¡¡¡¡
You know something about this event:


i looks pretty god and is new???

Borre 14 January 2009 at 17:30  

Hi Lobo,

I J-Girls is not new, but they look to be aiming high in 2009. They will be putting on 6 events in '09 including one each in Korakuen and Differ Ariake.

My knowledge of the fighters is very limited, and there is a mix of Kickboxing and MMA rules (I think).

I have had to chose events to cover, much due to time and finances. January 18 will be a busy day in deed.

Borre 14 January 2009 at 17:34  

For those who are interested, this is a link to a J-Girls fight on YouTube: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=561qA7QeQQg

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