1/25 ZST 19 - Results

Sunday 25 January 2009

This is the main ZST card of the day. This event starts at 6PM (Japan time and it should be a very good event.

The main-event is the welterweight title fight between 2 experienced fighters, crowd favorite "Mini-Hong Man Choi" Masayuki Okude is taking on Pancrase super-veteran Osami Shibuya, who has more than 80 professional fights to his name.

Other than the main event, there are some good ZST fighters on this card, Keisuke Fujiwara and Shunichi Shimizu to name a couple.

Making his ZST debut is Korean "RYO". "RYO" participated in the DEEP Middleweight tournament last year, but lost by decision to Daijiro Matsui (a fight I thought he should have won), he went on to loss again in the tournament reserve fight to Ryuta Sakurai. He is a very good fighter though, and I look forward to seeing him in ZST.

Quick results
Genesis Fights (1x5min):
1. Feather: Ryota Kobayashi vs. Masato Arai DRAW
2. Feather: Takahiro Baba vs. Takeshi Otaki DRAW (entertaining fight)

Opening Fights (1x7min.):
3. Welter: Yoichiro Karasuyama vs.Teruhiko Higashitani DRAW
4. Feather: Toshihiro Shimizu Def. Hiroyuki Yamashiro by arm-bar
5. Minimum (Female GT-F): Miki Aiba vs. Miyoko Kusaka DRAW
6. Feather (GT-F Rule): Daisuke Yokoyama Def. Yasuo Munakata by Guilliotine choke

7. Bantam: Keisuke Fujiwara Def. Ryosuke Tanuma by Ko Round 2
8. Light: Kenichi Ito Def. Taku Aramaki by arm-bar round 1
9. Feather: Shunichi Shimizu Def. Takeaki Miyakawa by arm-bar round 1
10. Light-Heavy: Kenji Nagai vs. Young "RYO" Choi Draw
11. Lightweight Tag-Team (1x15 min.):
Naoyuki Kotani & Tatsuya Yamada Def. Yojiro Uchimura & Koji Tomiyama by Banana-split
Uchhimura called out Kotani to continue the fight after Tomiyama was carried out on a streacher, but Kotani declined.

12. Main-Event - Welterweight Title fight:
Osami Shibuya Def. Masayuki Okude by straight arm-bar Round 5


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