2/1 Pancrase Changing Tour 1 - Change to the card

Monday 26 January 2009

There has been a change on the Pancrase card for February 1.

Laughter 7's Takenori Sato sustained a neck injury during practice and wont be able to fight. The popular and versatile Pancrase fighter Hikaru Sato will step in and take this fight on short notice. Popularity wise, this might actually be a boost for the card. Hikaru Sato has not tasted victory since February 2007, and I am sure he would love a win here.

The change also means that the fight will go at light-heavyweight, instead of middleweight.

Main Event - Lightweight King of Pancrase:
8. Katsuya Inoue 17-6-3 vs. 11-9-5 Daisuke Hanazawa "13"

7. Feather: Kenji Arai 13-12-2 vs. 10-5-5 Masanori Kanehara
6. Feather: Masaya Takita "J-Taro" 9-10-2 vs. 19-4-0 Jameel "The Sargent" Massouh
5. Light: Takafumi Ito 34-27-10 vs. 0-2-0 Hiroki "AB" Aoki
4. Fly: Takuya Eizumi 3-1-0 vs. 3-4-0 Tokuaki Ninomiya
3. Light-Heavyweight: Ryuji Ohori 3-3-0 vs. 18-19-3 Hikaru Sato
2. Welter: Asaki Honda 4-3-1 vs. 24-28-10 Kousei Kubota
1. Welter: Shingo Suzuki 1-0-0 vs. 5-3-0 "Strasser" Kiichi Kunimoto


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